OFF GRID FARM Architectural Challenge

Discover how the Samana Group is pioneering sustainable solutions with our OFF GRID FARM architectural competition on the Samaná Peninsula – a testament to our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship!

In partnership with Sandbox Competitions, we are pleased to announce the OFF GRID FARM Architecture Challenge. We invite architecture students and young architects to design groundbreaking off-grid farming solutions that integrate with our commitment to sustainable and self-reliant living. This competition isn’t just about building; it’s about reimagining what a farm can be when designed with minimal environmental impact solutions. Our partners in this project are leading architecture platforms such as Arch Daily, Architecture Competitions Yearbook, Designboom and Architektura i Biznes.

The essence of the competition

The OFF GRID FARM challenge is about creating a farm that goes beyond traditional boundaries. Participants are tasked with designing a self-sustaining farming ecosystem that utilizes renewable energy, innovative water management techniques, and sustainable agricultural practices. The challenge emphasizes environmental stewardship, promotes the use of local materials, and supports economic development while fostering community resilience.

Local inspiration and challenges

The fertile lands of the Samana Peninsula provide the perfect canvas for diverse agricultural initiatives. From the rich flavors of mangoes and avocados to staples like tomatoes and bananas, the region offers a natural bounty waiting to be used sustainably. Participants are encouraged to draw inspiration from these local resources and the region’s cultural heritage to enrich their innovative designs.

However, due to the project’s isolated location, participants will face significant challenges, including limited access to electricity, inadequate agricultural infrastructure, and most importantly, water stress. These issues highlight the critical need for sustainable development and, in particular, sound water management practices. Effective solutions will require conservation efforts, watershed protection, and significant investments in water storage and distribution infrastructure to ensure that all residents have access to clean and reliable water.

Jury and rewards

The OFF GRID FARM Architectural Competition showcases a prominent jury including Ryohei Koike (BIG Copenhagen & London), Cosimo Scotucci (MVRDV), Ludwik Kaizerbrecht (Gensler), Oscar Torrejón (luis vidal + architects), Magdalena Wojtal (Samana Group), and Senator Pedro Catrain of Samaná, who brings valuable insights into local challenges.

The rewards for this competition are designed not only to recognize talent, but also to encourage further development of the winning designs. The first prize includes $3,000, a winner’s certificate, and coverage on Samana Group’s social media, promotional materials, the website, and the Architecture Competitions Yearbook. The second and third prizes offer $2,000 and $1,000, respectively, with similar publicity. In addition, the Samana Group Prize facilitates the actual construction of the winning project, and an Audience Prize provides a one-week stay in the Dominican Republic to deepen the winner’s engagement with the community.

At Samana Group, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and environmental sustainability. We are proud to support young talent by providing them with a unique opportunity to bring their visionary ideas to life. The OFF GRID FARM is not just about ideas – it is about realizing sustainable solutions that can have a significant impact. We invite all interested parties to visit our project page to learn more or to join us in this exciting endeavor: