We will exchange your assets for a property in the tropics

Diversify your investments with a tropical paradise

Are your assets primarily concentrated in your homeland? In the face of dynamic geopolitical changes, potential crises, or global uncertainties, centralizing all resources in one region may not be the optimal choice. Isn’t it worth considering diversifying your portfolio and opening up to the possibilities of the international market?

Think about the Dominican Republic – a symbol of stability and a tropical paradise. Transform a portion of your shares or properties in your homeland into land, an apartment, or a villa in the heart of the Caribbean and gain confidence that your investments are adequately secured and diversified

Your key to paradise

Begin your tropical adventure. Enjoy the blissful charms of Samaná during the holiday season and make money from it… throughout the rest of the year. Get in touch with our team and find out how we can help you realize your dreams.

Discover the blissful charm of Samaná

We are one of the largest developers and landowners on the Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic. Across over 4,000 hectares of picturesque land, we are constructing modern residential complexes in close proximity to the crystal-clear ocean and heavenly sandy beaches. Whether it’s a luxury seaside villa, a secluded mountain-view cottage, or an apartment in the bustling Nomad City – the choice is yours. Leave the formalities to us.


Expand your investment portfolio

Schedule a free consultation during which we will assess the value of your assets and present an offer for exchange into Samana Group properties. Click below and indicate which investments you would like to exchange for real estate.

    Appraisal report:


    Which type of property are you interested in?


      We are looking for companies such as LLC or S.A. that have been operating in the market for at least 5 years.
      We prefer multi-generational family businesses. We expect them to have an annual revenue of at least $2,5 million and own real estate assets.
      We consider offers for the purchase of 100% of shares only.

      Is the company profitable?
      Is the company burdened with debts?
      If yes, how much is to be repaid monthly?
      Have taxes been paid on time in the last 24 months?*
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      Which type of property are you interested in?


      How does it work?
      The offer involves entering into a non-cash asset swap agreement. This transaction entails exchanging one or several non-monetary assets, such as real estate or property rights, for one or several properties in the Dominican Republic (apartments, houses, or land), selected from our offerings.
      Will I pay tax on such a transaction? If so, what kind?
      The exchange of assets is subject to the same taxes as the sale of movable or immovable property. The determination of the tax upon the disposal of an item depends on whether it is a vehicle or another item, how long the seller has owned it, so before proceeding with the transaction, we will provide you with an accurate tax assessment. If the property is owned by an individual who is not engaged in business activities and has owned it for more than 5 years, they will not pay income tax, and we will cover the tax on civil-law transactions (PCC). In the case of exchanging real estate belonging to a business entity, instead of PCC, VAT will need to be paid, and in some cases, income tax. Our legal department will prepare a tax assessment for you to pay in your specific case.
      What if my assets have a different value than the property?
      Not a problem, it's possible to make the exchange with an appropriate cash supplement. It also works the other way around – if your assets have a higher value than the property you're interested in from our offerings, we can provide a cash supplement.
      What assets can I exchange for real estate?
      Primarily real estate: houses, apartments, land. We also accept gold, gemstones, shares in businesses or entire companies, cars, watercraft and aircraft, or luxury watches. If you have assets of a different nature that you'd like to exchange, please contact us to discuss the proposal.
      Will I incur legal transaction costs?
      You will not incur any legal transaction costs. The legal aspect of the process is handled entirely by Samana Group's legal department.
      What will happen to my assets?
      After the agreement is concluded, your assets will become the property of Samana Group, and you will become the owner of real estate in the Dominican Republic.
      Who conducts the valuation of assets?
      A team of independent appraisers is appointed to conduct the valuation of assets. Both parties must then agree with the appraisers' valuation, as the exchange agreement needs to be consensual.
      What is the value of your properties?
      You can find a list of available plots, houses, and apartments for exchange along with their individual prices HERE.
      Which assets are you most interested in?
      The highest value for us lies in real estate owned by individuals, especially those owned for more than 5 years. However, we also accept other types of assets listed in point 4.
      Will I have to vacate my property immediately after signing the exchange agreement?
      No, if you want to move into your new property in the Dominican Republic but need time for the transition, we can agree on a mutually convenient date in the contract by which you can continue to occupy your current residence.