Samaná's growth, a shared benefit for all

We make sure the local community benefits from the development of Samaná as much as any other group

High-quality education

Entrepreneurship support

Fostering community 

Sustainable development

Our flagship programs

Interest-free Microloans

For women entrepreneurs

We grant 0% interest Microloans, along with mentoring, to women who want to start or grow their businesses in Samaná. For the benefit of the whole community! 

This is a recently launched project and we will be accepting applications until March


English Classes

For children and adults

We provide regular English classes and learning materials for the children and adults of Samaná, opening up a world of opportunities for them!

More than 50 children and a group of 20 adults in regular classes


Our Mission

We acknowledge that Samana Group investments have a significant impact on the entire Samaná region and its communities. Our mission is to ensure that this impact is solely positive. We believe in corporate social responsibility, which is why we have established a foundation with a mission to protect the natural heritage and support the local communities of Samaná. Our goal is to offer quality education and promote entrepreneurship. We aim to achieve this by leveraging our company’s resources to provide business opportunities, mentorship from experienced professionals, and partnerships with influential organizations willing to fund scholarships and internship programs for local youth.

Our Manifesto


We believe that having a carefree childhood and education is pure luck and that hard work is not enough to be successful.  Our goal is to redistribute "luck" among groups of people who are less fortunate.


Instead of one-off acts of support for a wider group, we reach out to smaller groups of people in need, and our support lasts as long as it's needed.


We believe in the 'minimum effective dose' approach - we look for the simplest intervention in someone's life that will give them the best chance of breaking out of the poverty trap.


We want to encourage community involvement and spread a sense of social responsibility to create a domino effect that will raise other great contributors to society.


Our aim is to use the resources of the Samana Group to transfer skills, train professionals, create entrepreneurs and ultimately support their businesses through our structures, including sharing access to our customer base.

Our projects

Dia de los Reyes

We surprised the children 
of Samaná with gifts for the traditional celebration of the Three Kings Day in Dominicana…

English Classes

We provide learning materials and 
free access to regular English classes for children and adults in Samaná…


The goal of our interest-free microloans is to empower the talented and ambitious women of Samana to run their own businesses…

Animal Sterilization 

Together with our partner HopeFurry and our team of volunteers, we have sterilized and vaccinated over 60 stray dogs and cats…

Join us and make a difference!

Become a volunteer with the Samana Group Foundation! Help us build a community that shares our values and be a part of the positive change in our beautiful region. At the same time, get a glimpse of life in paradise by living with us for free and fall in love with Samaná!

Most sought-after positions

  • English Teacher,
  • Kindergarten Teacher,
  • Video Content Creator,
  • Community Manager,
  • House Builder,
  • Sports Coach,
  • Pharmacist,
  • Medicine Doctor,
  • Fundraiser,
  • Project Manager.

If you possess any other skills that you believe could benefit our Foundation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What’s included in the Volunteer Program?

  • Accommodation in our eco-hostel in shared rooms or a single room
  • Wifi (Starlink)
  • Group excursion once per week
  • Shared Bicycle access
  • Laundry (done for you once per week)
  • Unlimited access to the most beautiful beaches, mountains and rainforests of the Caribbean and soak up the sun’s rays to your heart’s content!

How to become a volunteer?

If you’re a genuine and kind person and you want to be a part of Samana Group Foundation contact us using our form below

    Samana Group Foundation

    The Samana Group Foundation was established to support the Samaná community. We are determined to use our resources for the region’s sustainable development, focusing on both environmental and social aspects. Our initiatives include creating community centers, a Samana school with free English lessons, and subsidy programs for local entrepreneurship.