English Classes by Samaná Group Foundation

Complimentary English Language Education for Samaná's Children and Adults

The Samana Group Foundation’s first education program is in full swing, providing regular English classes to over 50 children and 20 adults from Monte Rojo and El Valle. We ensure free access to these courses, along with all the necessary learning materials.

Bridging the English Gap in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, although English is a compulsory subject in local schools, less than 1% of the population is proficient in English. In addition, there is a distinct group of about 1% of the population who speak a local Samaná dialect of English. However, as international companies grow and tourism flourishes, the demand for English skills is skyrocketing. Recognising this, the Samana Group Foundation is committed to providing English language education to the communities of Samaná, opening doors to better job and life prospects.


English Language – The Gateway to Global Opportunities

At the heart of the Samana Group Foundation’s mission is the belief that education can change the world. We chose English language education as our first initiative, seeing it as a tool for empowerment. With 1.5 billion English speakers worldwide, it’s the lingua franca of business, politics and science. This global presence is evidenced by the staggering fact that over 20% of the world’s books and 61% of all websites are in English, combining vast resources of information and knowledge. By empowering the Samaná community with English, we’re not just opening doors of communication, we’re providing access to a vast world of opportunity and learning.



Current Status of the Program

We’re thrilled to report that our initiative now involves more than 50 children and 20 adults from Monte Rojo and El Valle in regular educational sessions. We ensure that they have everything they need to learn, free of charge, including essential materials such as books and notebooks. The future looks bright for our program as we anticipate a significant increase in the number of participants. In line with this growth, our goal is to bring three permanent teachers on board to enhance the learning experience for all who wish to participate in the Samaná community.

As we continue to teach English in Samaná, we’re not only bridging communication gaps but also fostering a generation equipped to thrive in a globally interconnected world, truly embodying our belief that education is the cornerstone of transformative change.