Our Team

About Samana Group

Samana Group is one of the largest real estate services companies and land owners in the Samana Peninsula.

Samana Group Founders have spent over 15 years in the Dominican Republic assembling land, building the Masterplan, and securing approvals to position the project for a shovel-ready development. The founders and partners successfully launched 6 boutique hotels and an apartment condominium in the region.

Our projects stand out by addressing 3 typical issues for development in exotic tourism destinations: lack of urban master planning, no lifestyle design, and low quality of infrastructure.

The uniqueness of our approach lies in the focus on affordable luxury and sustainability while providing the experience of living in an untouched natural environment.

Samana Group's Core Values

Think Big Picture

We think long-term and zoom out when facing an issue. Thinking Big Picture allows us to resolve challenges which seem big at first. Having a big vision attracts the best talents and builds a bond between all of us.

Don’t be Greedy

To avoid the mistakes of all our predecessors, we have to make sure we don’t become greedy as we grow bigger as an organization. We treat these five types of stakeholders evenly: Investors, Employees, Clients, Nature, and the Local Community. We attract people who see value in this approach.

Question Everything

We strive to be the most Innovative Real Estate Company, and we do that by questioning the status quo. We reason from the first principles to get to the core of each approach. Doing something in a particular way, simply because it has always been like this is not a satisfying answer. Everything can be improved.

Sustainability starts with Cash Flow

We believe sustainability is achieved through positive cash flow, low density, and ecological solutions that work at scale without limiting our freedoms. We need to become a big organization to afford sustainable technologies because cheap technology is often cheap at the expense of Nature.

Faster is better

Speed matters in business. Most decisions can be changed. Trying and learning is better than overthinking, as long as it doesn't come at the expense of professionalism. We are builders of a town in a paradise. The privilege of living closer to Nature allows us to be happier, and get more stuff done faster.

Our founding team

Marek Zmysłowski
Sales & Marketing

Co-Founder of Jumia Travel (NYSE: JMIA), HotelOnline.co, Sunroof.se. Former Executive at Rocket Internet, RTB House, Glovo, OLX.

Shannon Robertson
Strategy & Corporate Development

Managing Director of JLL LATAM for the last 22 years, responsible for the delivery of JLL’s transactional, project management, consultancy and advisory services.

Tomas Avogadro
Local Relationships

Entrepreneur, founder of DeMaria (precursor of Samana Group). Living in Samana since 2006, personally managing the land acquisition and property development of the Group.

Piotr Baran
Real Estate Development & Financing

Co-Founder and CEO of PCG SA, Member of Board Polish Association of Development Companies - PZFD.pl, Triathlete in sport and business - TheSport.pl

Yaritza Reyes
PR Manager & Samana Group Foundation CEO

Yaritza Reyes is an actress, TV host and model most known for her title as Miss Dominican Republic Universe (2013) and Miss World Dominican Republic (2016). Yaritza reached top ten status in Miss Universe and became the first runner up in Miss World, representing her native country in the two most important pageants in the world. Yaritza has toured several cities representing the Caribbean islands and has done charitable work as well as served as a pageant judge.

Our board of advisors

Radoslaw Cielicki

20 years experience as a CFO, with successful entrepreneurial track record. Radoslaw built and sold his accounting firm to a leading Polish bank. Crazy about conscious decision making.

Adelaida Adames
Legal Affairs Counsel

Former Legal Director for Caribbean Markets for Phillip Morris, Adelaida also worked as Legal Affairs Manager for Grupo Punta Cana (original developers of Punta Cana) and managed the whole legal process of their Residential Project development.

Federico Jose Alvarez
Advisor, Expert in Real Estate Law

Member of the American Bar Association, Managing Partner of one of the oldest law offices in the Dominican Republic, established in 1915 by his grandfather.

Freddy Arturo Ginebra Robiou
Advisor, Expert in Business and Marketing in the DR

Strategist and Creative Director at Cumbre Saatchi & Saatchi, organizer of TEDxSantoDomingo, professor at UNIBE's School of Advertising and Communication, selected as one of the 35 most influential professors.

Ludwik Sobolewski

Doctor of Legal Sciences and capital market expert. Former president of the Warsaw and Bucharest Stock Exchanges. Chairman of the board of directors of Posta Romana. Co-founder of the market advisory firm, QualiaAdVisory. Currently a partner at Sobolewski Kielska Dąbrowska Grabowska law firm.

Sybilla Mielzynski

World famous designer, born in NY to a Spanish-Polish diplomat family. She designed for: Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Luis Vitton, and more, until she established her own global brand. She came to Samaná many years ago, invested in it, and was one of the first voices to spread the message to keep this paradise on earth special and protect nature while developing it.

Kuba Karlinski
Advisor, Real Estate Development

Managing Partner at Magmillon, Polish investment group specializing in high growth of non-speculative Real Estate projects. Author of the best selling book “Let’s Make Money on Property Investment”.

Mateusz Sabak
Partner, Expert in Real Estate Management

CEO and Founder at SecHome, Co-founder and ex-CEO at RentPlanet (Poland’s leading STR operator). Formerly IR Manager at MCI Capital (Poland’s top PE Fund). The prop-tech enthusiast.

Bruce Prins
Advisor, International Hospitality Expert

The majority of his 30 year experience, Bruce has been working within the hospitality industry and in hotel chains like Accor or MP Hotels. Member of MENSA. He is also the author of the book “Insights and Tips for Owning or Managing a Hotel”.

Victor Esteve Cavaller
Advisor, Expert in Hospitality in the DR

Owner of Hacienda Cocuyo, one of best-rated hotels in the Samana Peninsula, owner of Cocuyo Residences Real Estate Project.

Maria Kobryń

Managing Partner at Blueshell Legal, a leading expert in the field of real estate, construction, and contract law. Her accomplishments include numerous publications, including the e-book "Business, Dominican Republic, Real Estate".

Enrique Arce
Partner, Communications Advisor

International television personality, actor, director, writer, entrepreneur. Best known for his performance as Arturo Román in Money Heist, and for his countless roles in both television and movie productions. He graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and today has a numerous projects in production.

Borys Szyc
Partner, Communications Advisor

Film and theatre actor, singer, voiceover. He started his adventure with acting as a 9-year old. Currently also a successful entrepreneur and founder of TheMuba - an innovative project bringing theatre to the Internet.

Architects & Engineers

Thomas Sturm Moreira
Project Coordinator

A skilled engineer, specializing in structural health monitoring and instrumentation, with expertise in seismic analysis, forensic engineering, and the design of various structures. Fluent in Spanish, German, Portuguese, and English, he excel in providing comprehensive structural solutions, including advanced seismic risk assessments.

Magdalena Wojtal
Architects Coordinator

Esteemed Architect Coordinator with an academic background from Politechnika Wrocławska, where she earned her Master of Architecture. As an architect and urban planner, Magdalena's expertise lies in blending architectural design with urban planning principles, creating harmonious and functional spaces.

Belen Reyes
Construction Coordinator

With over 15 years as an Architect in the construction industry and a background in real estate, Belen combines a deep understanding of market trends, property valuation, and client needs with architectural expertise. Her diverse skill set enables her to integrate market insights with construction processes, ensuring projects are both innovative and aligned with client expectations.

Miłosz Mleczko

An accomplished Architect, renowned for his innovative approach to design. His achievement in winning the Main Prize in the category of "Carport of the Future” at the "Design of the Future: The Best SunRoof Project 2021" competition, is a testament to his creativity and forward-thinking in architectural design.

Adam Krzysztofiak

Architect and Urban Designer, known for his comprehensive approach to architectural projects. His expertise spans a wide range of designs including houses, residential complexes, hotels, interiors, and landscapes. Adam's proficiency in both architectural and urban design allows him to create spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also functional and integrated with their surrounding environments.

David Jasiński
Geotechnical Consultant

An expert in infrastructure and hydrotechnical project solutions at Pietrucha Company, specializes in vinyl sheet piling and geogrids. His extensive international experience includes working on projects across Australia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK, and Poland with renowned firms like Aarsleff, AECOM, Arcadis, ARUP, Golder, Keller, Soletanche, and WSP. Currently focused on technical consulting and market development, particularly in Latin America and North America.

Francisco Cabezas Molina
Structural Engineer

Structural Civil Engineer with extensive experience in the structural design of residential and commercial projects. Developed competencies include the creation of computational models, seismic analysis, and the design and detailing of structures. I stand out for my skills in structural design, client management, resolution of construction requirements, proactivity, and teamwork.

Our Partners

Jasper Architects

Award-winning international architecture group focused on LATAM & Europe. Experts in sustainable housing and hospitality developments. Experienced in running projects in the Samana area, among funding members of the Samana Group.

Tractor Arquitectura

Renowned architect studio from Tulum, Mexico, Specialised in sustainable projects Founder invested
personal $ In Samana.

luis vidal + architects

Top global planning landscape architecture and urban design firm with notable projects such as: the Samana Peninsula Masterplan for the President of the Dominican Republic, Heathrow Airport Terminal 2, Madrid-Barajas International Airport Terminal 4 expansion, Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, Boston Logan International Airport Terminal E modernization and the new Colón Towers.

Constructora Lugo S.R.L

One of the oldest and most experienced (32 years of existence) civil engineering and construction companies in the Dominican Republic. Among many crucial buildings and investments, the company built metro stations and the famous plaza Espana in Santo Domingo.


Poland’s top legal and tax firm in international trade and business. First law firm in Poland invited by United Nations for the Corporate Social Responsibility projects. Founder of AK Legal, Artur Krzykowski, PhD, was awarded the prestigious national awards.

Rent Planet

Leading Polish Rental Company managing more than 1.000 apartments. Member of UN Global Compact Network. Guarantor of highest quality guest experience and hassle-free cooperation with the owners.


SecHome is a mid- and long-term rental operator and a second home co-ownership platform in Europe. It provides high-quality properties in collaboration with leading developers, ensuring management and investment stability. Clients can acquire shares in luxury residences and benefit from flexible rental solutions.


Boldway works with innovative projects and builds brands from scratch. They specialize in Art Direction, Design & User Experience, Communication Strategy, Branding & Brand Strategy, Web Design, Product Design, Video Production, Animation & Motion, Event Branding & Project Management.


MONSOON’s mission is to empower brands to create change. We share our diverse knowledge of online marketing and help brands achieve the most from their marketing budgets. Our Team is made up of seasoned experts in almost every channel of the online marketing mix, specializing in Paid Search, Paid Social and Search Engine Optimization. We strive to cultivate caring collaborations with our partners and are there at every step of their unique journeys.

Investor testimonials

“We decided to invest in Samana Group because we believe that the startup has a real chance to become the leader in the newly emerging sector of private cities,  a newly emerging asset class in the capital markets. The strength of Samana Group is the founders' experience and a carefully prepared execution plan."

Lukas S. Zgiep, Ph.D. General Partner, Pointer.Capital.

"1. Beautiful place 2. Unique vision design with respect for nature 3. Experience of the team"

Mateusz Sabak

"I invested in Samana Group because of the vision of building a unique enterprise on a global scale. I was captivated by the location - the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Samana, where I hope to buy or build a second (or third) house. I was convinced by the previous experience of Marek Zmysłowski and the scale of his former projects."

Jakub Karliński

“Samana Peninsula is one of my favorite places I've been to, it has great potential of becoming one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean with a fast-growing number of tourists every year. I believe and share the vision of Samana group of growing a proper sustainable development of the area.”

Ernesto Marenco

"First of all, for the love of the place. I found Samana 12 years ago when I was exploring the Dominican Republic. When I went to Las Terrenas for the first time, I think I even said aloud, "I'll live here someday" and you can see that the universe listened. Secondly, I believe in the idea of ​​private cities, and Marek and partners are a guarantee of business success."

Anna Zielińska

"I invested in Samana Group because I want to have my own place on earth somewhere in an exotic location knowing that it is part of a larger whole, perfectly managed."

Artur Kurasiński

"Samaná is the most beautiful bay I’ve ever seen. I believe in Samana Group’s mission to develop the bay as a thriving and sustainable community."

Alex Garibay

"By investing in sustainable development in the Caribbean, I can contribute to improving the quality of life for people living there. This can include supporting better access to healthcare, education, and other basic services, as well as creating opportunities for economic and social mobility, and ultimately, helping to promote a better standard of living for the communities in the region."

Freddy Arturo Ginebra

"For me, Samana Group is a combination of real estate, modern technologies (e.g. modular construction, blockchain) and people with great experience and vision. I believe that these things will be crucial to create the perfect place for many groups of people (including me) and that's why I decided to invest in Samana Group."

Arkadiusz Boruch

"Looking for opportunities to diversify my investments into foreign markets, I came across the Samana Group project which I found appealing in terms of its idea, innovation, location, and scope of operation. Despite the fact that investing in a seed round is quite risky, I decided to get in on it right away due to the greater chance of significant growth in a relatively short period of time. Nevertheless, knowing Marek Zmysłowski's previous achievements, there can be no doubt that this will be something spectacular and it will end in a business success."

Dariusz Mitka

"I love creating products and their vision. This time the vision of a Private City in the Caribbean absorbed me completely. Samana Group's projects are a true store of value in the best sense of the word."

Bartek Ćwiąkała

"I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do business with Marek Zmysłowski and Samana Group. You've inspired me to get back into the real estate market after many years of staying on the sidelines."

Wojciech Jeznach

"Knowing the history of Marek - the frontman of the project, makes me feel comfortable knowing he will deliver the promise. Additionally, as an unexperienced investor, I appreciate the flexibility of a convertible loan - the tool I was offered allows me to adjust my investment strategy while watching how the project develops."

Marcin Michalczyk

"Dominican Republic with one the fastest growing economy in Latin America, stable political situation and location close to US seems like the best option to diversify your portfolio. I've known Marek Zmysłowski and his companies for a few years now and I am sure he will deliver what he promised."

Mateusz Kaszyk