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Language Learning - the Tool for Social Empowerment

We believe education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. We chose English language learning as our first educational initiative because we recognize its critical importance in a globalized world. English proficiency paves the way for meaningful connections across cultures, unlocks opportunities for employment and international education, fuels entrepreneurial ventures, and provides access to a vast expanse of global knowledge.

We hope that the Complimentary English Course for children and adults in Samaná will serve as a significant tool for social empowerment within the local communities!


The Power of English Proficiency

1.5 billion people worldwide 
speak English

English is the lingua franca of 
business, politics, and science

Over 20% of the world's books 
are published in English

Fortune 500 companies 
primarily use English for business

61% of all websites are 
in English

English speakers earn over
 30% more

Bridging the English Gap in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, despite English being a mandatory subject in local schools and a key language in business and tourism, it is not widely spoken across the country. Less than 1% of the population is considered to speak English. Additionally, there is a distinct group, comprising around 1% of the population, who speak a local Samaná English dialect. The demand for English speakers is surging due to the increasing presence of international corporations, a booming tourism sector, and a growing number of foreign settlers. In this context, proficiency in English offers a significant advantage in the job market, an opportunity we aim to extend to the communities of Samaná.

Current Status of the Program

We are happy to report that our program currently involves over 50 children and a group of 20 adults from Monte Rojo and El Valle in regular classes. To support their learning journey, we provide all necessary materials, including books and notebooks. Our close collaboration with local school teachers enriches the program, creating a unified effort for the benefit of our students.

We are optimistic about the program’s growth and anticipate a rapid increase in participation. Our aim is to soon have three permanent teachers on site to further enhance the educational experience for the Samaná community.

English Classes

Samana Group Foundation

The Samana Group Foundation was established to support the Samaná community. We are determined to use our resources for the region’s sustainable development, focusing on both environmental and social aspects. Our initiatives include creating community centers, a Samana school with free English lessons, and subsidy programs for local entrepreneurship.


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