Why Samana? The Caribbean's rising star

Experience the unspoiled paradise ready for sustainable growth

Samana - The "Why"

Samana stands as a beacon of balanced development in the Caribbean. Its beautiful, untouched beaches and lush mountain landscapes coexist with newly renovated infrastructure. Roads, airports, and digital connectivity have been upgraded, making Samana both accessible and sustainable. This harmonious blend of nature and progress offers an unparalleled living and investment opportunity.

A melting pot of
natural wonders and 
cosmopolitan charm
Unspoiled beauty meets modern 

Samana's cultural richness stems from its diverse history. It's a place where indigenous Taíno traditions meld with influences of African American and European settlers to create a unique cultural mosaic. This diversity is evident in the region's architecture, cuisine, and local festivals, adding depth and vibrancy to the Samana experience.

Rich cultural
A tapestry of histories and traditions

Nature in Samana is both diverse and abundant. The Sierra de Samaná mountain range offers breathtaking treks, while over 20 pristine beaches provide serene escapes. The region's jungles, home to waterfalls like 
El Limon and wildlife-rich national parks, are a haven for eco-tourists 
and adventurers alike.

Eco-paradise for nature lovers
From lush jungles to crystal-clear waters

Samana represents a burgeoning market for investment, particularly in real estate and tourism. The region's focus on sustainable development ensures long-term growth potential. The increasing popularity of Samana as a tourist destination, coupled with its untapped real estate market, presents unique opportunities for savvy investors.

Investment potential
Emerging opportunities in a growing economy

Samana is more than just a location; 
it's a community. Residents and newcomers alike are united by their 
love for the region's natural beauty 
and cultural richness. 
The sense of community in Samana
 is strong, fostering a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for 
all who come here.

Living in harmony
A community united by nature and culture

Samana responds to the global weariness of overcrowded 
tourist resorts, undermined by commercialization, that fail to deliver 
an authentic experience of local 
nature and culture. Offering authenticity and unspoiled beauty, 
it is quickly emerging as a new, globally sought-after destination for sustainable tourism and settlement trends.

An emerging global trend
Sustainable tourism and living

Samana - why now?

Witness the paradigm shift

In the past five years, Samana has evolved under the President's focus. New roads, an upgraded airport, and digital connectivity are reshaping its landscape.These advancements have positioned Samana as an ideal destination that aligns with the emerging global trends of remote working, workations, and semigration.

Presidential Focus
Modern Roadways
Upgraded Airport
Digital Revolution
Workation Trend
Semigration Movement
Harmonious Living

Why Dominican Republic?

The Caribbean's crown jewel

Ranked top for its overall score in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic offers a blend of advanced infrastructure and tropical paradise. The country also stands out in the entire LATAM region as the fastest growing economy and second most popular tourist destination, reaching an impressive 10 million visitors in 2023. It's a magnet for the elite seeking a second home
 - a testament to its safety, diversity, and beauty.

Why Dominican Republic?

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World at your doorstep

With two rapidly expanding airports, and fast, comfortable transport options from Santo Domingo or Puerto Plata via highways, Samana is more accessible than ever. Whether for a holiday or a long-term stay, traveling to this Caribbean gem is now a breeze.

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Samana's safety and community

A safe haven for global citizens

Samana prides itself on its welcoming community and exceptional safety. Home to a diverse group of expats and supported by dedicated tourist police, Samana offers peace of mind and a sense of belonging.
Dominican Republic outshines many with its remarkable safety record. Boasting a low rate of just 15 incidents per 100,000 — a figure that speaks volumes about our unparalleled peace, as reported by Statista.com.
Imagine a place where tranquility is the essence of life, and safety is as inherent as the gentle sea breeze. Welcome to the Dominican Republic — more than just a vacation destination, it's a potential place to call home. With the Caribbean’s lowest robbery rates, our vibrant streets and serene beaches are not only captivating but also secure, offering a life where each day is cherished, and investment opportunities are abundant.

of robberies in 2019

(per 100.00 inhabitants)

More reasons to fall for the Dominican Republic

Discover the beauty of Samana

Discover the beauty of Samana

Explore Samana

Domyślna mapa Road Planed road City and town Point of interest Airport cruise port International Airport Marina of port Protected afrea of park Surfing/ kitesurfing hiking zipline Beach Protected area / park Golf course Whales Highest peak waterfall hospital gas station national park Cave diving/ snorkeling
Planed road
City and town
Point of interest
cruise port
International Airport
Marina of port
Protected afrea of park
Surfing/ kitesurfing
Protected area / park
Golf course
Highest peak
gas station
national park
diving/ snorkeling

Did you know Samana was almost sold to the USA? Witness the rising value of Samana.

The Value Surge 
of the Samana Peninsula

From 1873 to today

Samaná: a diverse age structure reflecting its unique social fabric

Population growth

Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba 2021

Embracing warmth year-round with its tropical climate and inviting waters

Samana Bay Temperature by Month

Recent updates

Discover latest announcements and news about Samana, including key developments, 
tourist influx, and more.

Hear from those who've made Samana their home

"Samana Peninsula is one of my favorite places l've been to, it has great potential of becoming one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean with a fast-growing number of tourists every year. I believe and share the vision of Samana group of growing a proper sustainable development of the area."

Ernesto Marenco

"First of all, for the love of the place. I found Samana 12 years ago when I was exploring the Dominican Republic. When I went to Las Terrenas for the first time, I think I even said aloud, "I'll live here someday" and you can see that the universe listened. Secondly, I believe in the idea of private cities, and Marek and partners are a guarantee of business success."

Anna Zielinska

"Samaná is the most beautiful bay l've ever seen. I believe in Samana Group's mission to develop the bay as a thriving and sustainable community."

Alex Garibay

"I invested in Samana Group because I want to have my own place on earth somewhere in an exotic location knowing that it is part of a larger whole, perfectly managed."

Artur Kurasiński

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