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Women’s Entrepreneurship

Take a loan up to 5,000 USD with 0% interest to develop your business!

500–5,000 USD

1-5 years


& Resources

Together we can make
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Microloans by Samana Group Foundation is a program for women entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their businesses in the province of Samaná. We believe in your aspirations and are committed to rewarding brilliant ideas and business potential with the financial support they deserve. Apply for an interest-free loan that comes with comprehensive support throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Unleash your business potential!

0% Interest

Take advantage of a business development loan from $500 to $5,000 with 0% interest and no additional costs.


Choose a repayment period from 1 to 5 years with a flexible schedule adapted to your capabilities. In case of default, you can offer services to Samana Group instead of returning cash.


Feel secure with the option to convert your debt into shares of your company, providing an alternative to traditional loan repayment.

and Resources

Benefit from mentorship and extensive support from Samana Group, including marketing. We also give you access to our large customer base, increasing your chances of success!

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Why is such a program
urgently needed?

Gender disparities persist in the Dominican Republic, particularly in terms of limited economic participation. Only 52% of women join the workforce, a stark contrast to the 76% of men, coupled with a significant wage gap where women earn approximately 60% for similar work.

Gendered expectations, especially around domestic and care responsibilities, further constrain their time, empowerment and economic involvement. Even when women manage to overcome these challenges and venture into entrepreneurship, they face systematic discrimination in accessing business networks, markets and financing.

Evidence shows that the financial system does not adequately support women entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic.

How does it work?



Complete the online application on our website



Upon review, we will invite you to a meeting to present your business


and signing

We agree the details and you sign the loan agreement



Receive the loan funds and start investing in your future


and support

Benefit from our mentorship, marketing support and access to our customer base

The Social Impact of
Women’s Entrepreneurship

Reducing Dysfunctional Families

Women’s financial independence plays a critical role in reducing dysfunctional families by preventing financial abuse as a tool of power and control within relationships and families.

Breaking the Poverty 

Research shows that one of the most important strategies for reducing household and community poverty is to increase women’s access to income-generating activities that empower them economically.

Investing in the Community

Successful women entrepreneurs are more likely to invest back into their families and community. Their businesses are also more inclined to focus on providing essential services and opportunities to the communities they operate in.

Closing the Gender

Data show that women-led companies employ more women, accelerating the process of closing the gender gap. This pattern holds across businesses in different economic sectors.

Improving Environmental Outcome

Women-owned businesses consistently score higher on environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators. They tend to prioritize greener and more sustainable solutions.

Choosing Social Impact Over Money

Recent studies highlight that women entrepreneurs are more likely to operate with a sense of social mission, choosing social impact over mere financial gain.


Samana Group Foundation

The Samana Group Foundation was established to support the Samaná community. We are determined to use our resources for the region’s sustainable development, focusing on both environmental and social aspects. Our initiatives include creating community centers, a Samana school with free English lessons, and subsidy programs for local entrepreneurship.



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This is very simple. Prepare the documents you will need, such as your ID card (Cédula or ID card – clearly capture images of both sides) or passport (take a photo of the page with your picture). Fill out the form below, and if you have any documents that might help us review your application, such as a business plan or presentation, attach them. Check if you’ve filled in all the form fields correctly, and then press the ‘Apply now’ button. We will contact you soon. Dreams are within reach!

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