Stray Dog Rescue Mission

Stray Dog Rescue Mission

Together with our partner HopeFurry and an amazing team of Samana Group volunteers we embarked on an inspiring journey in the heart of Samana, Dominican Republic. We took a stand for local animal welfare! 🐾✨ We believe in the transformative power of community, which is why we carried out a comprehensive vaccination and sterilization campaign for the local stray dog population.

Why it Matters

Animal overpopulation is a critical issue in many parts of the world, leading to health risks and challenging living conditions for both humans and animals. By taking proactive steps, such as vaccination and sterilization we can create a cycle of positive change that benefits everyone. 💉🐕‍🦺 

Remember, every small action can lead to significant change. Watch our video and be part of the change with Samana Group! 🌎💚 Join us at