Discover Samana Virtual Experience

Step into the World of Nomad City!

Uncover the pulse of Nomad City as you explore its stunning properties and unearth hidden treasures at every corner.
Our virtual tour provides a window into the diverse tapestry of experiences awaiting you in this haven of paradise.

*Please note that the virtual environment can accommodate up to 4 individuals at any given time. If you attempt to join and find it unavailable, it may be at full capacity. We kindly ask for your patience and to wait for your turn before trying to access it again.

How to navigate?

Use the WASD keys to move within the virtual environment.

Click and drag with the left mouse button to rotate your view.

Hold down the SHIFT key to accelerate your exploration.

Swiftly navigate to a chosen location within the virtual space, utilising the teleportation feature.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Nomad City like never before!

Device Compatibility Notice

Our Virtual Experience App is currently only optimized for desktop use. For the best experience, please switch to a desktop device. Thank you for your understanding.