Your Fast Track to Second Citizenship

Buy real estate in blissful Samaná and get a powerful Dominica Republic passport for free!

Minimum purchase: 2 Flat House villas

Process time: From initial payment to receiving the passport: 3-6 months

Fully remote process

Visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 143 countries

Buy a villa in the Dominican Republic and get a Dominica 
passport as a bonus!

Our program is a fast and easy way to obtain highly valued Dominica citizenship for individuals or entire families. Citizenship is acquired by purchasing real estate in the Dominican Republic from Samana Group’s exclusive offerings. Buy 2 Flat House villas without Developer Financing or 3 with it, and we will obtain a passport for you from nearby Dominica Republic at no extra cost!


It’s the 32nd passport in the Passport Power Rank with 68% world reach!

Why is it worth having Dominica citizenship?

Visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 143 countries, including the European Union and China

The Dominican Republic’s currency, the East Caribbean dollar, is pegged to the US dollar at a fixed rate

No worldwide income, dividends, wealth
or inheritance taxes

Ability to obtain long term visas to the USA and Canada

All family members can obtain citizenship with an additional fee between $50 000 and $100 000

We guide you through this entirely remote process, do all the paperwork and provide full legal services

What is the process?


Real estate selection

Choose your dream plots from Samana Group's offer, where your Flat House villas will be built.


Free preliminary check

Within 1-2 days we will review your documentation for compliance with immigration and fund transparency requirements.


Document preparation and shipping

Our legal team collects certificates, fills out necessary forms, notarises copies, translates and apostills the entire package of documents to be sent to the Citizenship Department. Duration 10-12 days.


Due Diligence check

The Citizenship Agency checks the applicant’s background. If any additional documents are required, our legal team will take care of it. Duration 3-6 months.


Case investigation

We await a positive decision and, in the meantime, assist you with all operational, business and investment issues related to your new property. Duration 3-5 months.


Obtaining passports

After all fees have been paid, our lawyers will obtain your Certificate of Citizenship and Passport, which will be handed over to you 
in person at one of our offices or 
sent directly to you.

Our renowned partner

Our partner and operator of the citizenship acquisition process is Migronis. It’s an international, rewardezd company based in Europe that helps to obtain citizenship and residency through investments in 20+ countries around the world since 2012.


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    Who can obtain citizenship together with an investor?

    • A spouse;
    • children under 18 years of age who are not married and who are fully supported by the main applicant;
    • children from 18 to 30 years old, unmarried, in full-time attendance at a recognized institution of higher learning, and fully financed by the main applicant;
    • children who have a mental or physical disability, regardless of age;
    • brothers and sisters of the main applicant under 25 years old who are single and have no children;
    • zparents of the main applicant and/or spouse over 55 years of age;
    • a former spouse cannot obtain citizenship.

    Can children from previous marriages obtain citizenship?

    Children from previous marriages can obtain citizenship. It’s obligatory to obtain the notarial consent of the second parent.

    How to prove children and parents are dependent on the main applicant?

    Financial dependence is confirmed by an extract on the transfer of funds (from the parent’s account to the child’s account), by a certificate of education, by the general address of registration.

    Does a passport have an expiration date?

    A passport is issued for a period of 10 years for an adult and for 5 years for a child with its subsequent renewal for the same period.

    Do I need to visit the country to obtain citizenship?

    A visit to Dominica Republic is not required. However, it’s required to submit fingerprints. The procedure can be done at one of the certified agencies in your country. We help to arrange this process.

    Do you need to reside in the country, know the language?

    There are no requirements to reside in the country or to know the language.

    Will I become liable for military service?


    Is it necessary to renounce my citizenship?

    No, Dominica law allows dual citizenship.

    Does Dominica share information about their economic citizens?

    No, information on you obtaining citizenship is not disclosed to third parties.

    Can I apply for citizenship if my application to obtain a visa to the EU, the USA, or the UK has been rejected?

    It’s obligatory to disclose information about your former visa rejections to these countries as hiding this information may affect the final decision. If your visa application wasn’t approved for some reason, apart from such significant violations as an expulsion from the country, violation of terms of stay, deportation, etc., you are safe to apply for a citizenship. At the same time, hiding this information when submitting a case can serve as a basis for rejecting the application.

    How to get a US visa using a Dominica's passport?

    Citizens of Dominica can apply for a long-term visa to the United States for the period of up to 10 years, with the right to stay in the country for up to 6 months a year. Visas may be obtained in one of the U.S. consulates.

    What are the requirements for a visa-free stay in the Schengen countries and the UK with the passport of Dominica?

    • Visa-free regime with the countries of the Schengen zone (you can stay for 90 days out of 180).
    • Visa-free travel to the UK (you can stay for 6 months a year).
    • No additional documents and prior registration required for crossing these borders.

    Which documents are required to confirm the origin of funds?

    Confirmation of employment and/or ownership of business is required. The following documents may be requested:

    • certificate of salary, dividends received;
    • certificate from the tax authorities;
    • documents on the sale of real estate or other assets;
    • an extract from the brokerage account on the sale of securities or income received;
    • sale or gift contract;
    • other documents confirming the acquisition of income.

    One or several documents can be provided, the checklist is agreed when preparing the case.

    Is it possible to transfer funds from a personal account?

    Yes, funds must be transferred from a personal account to get a Dominica Republic passport.

    What are the local income tax rates on Dominica Republic (taxes on setting up a business)?

    • Non-residents only pay tax on profits earned in the state.
    • The tax rate is 15%. Hotel business and diving centers pay a reduced rate — up to 10%.
    • Offshore companies registered in the country receive a 20-year tax holiday and do not pay income tax, inheritance or wealth tax. Such companies pay for registration and an annual state fee.

    What taxes are deducted from activities outside of Dominica Republic?

    There are no taxes on world income, dividends, wealth and inheritance.

    Conditions of tax residency

    To become a tax resident, you must reside in Dominica Republic for at least 183 days.

    What happens in case of concealment of information or providing false data?

    An applicant does not pass a due diligence check and their application for citizenship is rejected. An investor can also be deprived of the citizenship of Dominica if the status was obtained by providing false information, fraud or concealment of actual information.

    In what cases my application could be rejected?

    • By providing false information;
    • Existence of outstanding conviction or criminal proceedings for serious criminal offenses in any country of the world;
    • If the applicant poses a potential threat to public order, national security or the reputation of Dominican Republic or any other country;