Investor Report February 2024

Dear Investors,

We are pleased to invite you to another recap of the most important news from the Samaná Peninsula! Here is the summary for February 2024, which was marked by the debut of our new bestseller and the Bulletproof offer.

Flat House – move in for only $99,000!

In February we launched our new original project – Flat House. This single-story villa with private garden and pool combines the affordability and effortless maintenance of an apartment with the luxury and independence of a house. The project is customizable, offering the possibility to adapt the villa to one’s needs. The cost of the villa is $250,000, but you can move in after paying only $99,000! Flat House quickly found its enthusiasts, with 10 future residents of Nomad City already buying it in the pre-sale!

Developer Financing Offer

We launched Flat House together with our new sales model with Developer Financing. This means that the buyer first purchases the land, then pays the next part of the payment in 8 tranches after each stage of construction is completed, receives the keys to the property, and then pays the remaining amount in 60 installments with a low-interest rate of 5%. For Flat House, it is enough to pay 40% of the final amount to move in, while for other villa projects – 50%. But that’s not all! We reward early payments with significant discounts that can reach up to -10% off the total price! Learn more about the Bulletproof offer on our website:

Nomad City Self-Crowdlending Campaign

In February we have been working on our third Nomad City crowdlending campaign in Poland, and the first in the form of self-crowdlending, which will start in March! The offer includes the possibility to invest from 500 PLN, legal security, return of capital after 1 year and quarterly interest of 15%. In addition, the first tens of investors will have a chance to get a bonus of +1% on the profit, so their return rate will be 16%. We will provide you with more information and the opportunity to sign up for the campaign soon.

Nomad City VR

Finally, our long and carefully prepared VR project is here! Now you can take a virtual walk through Nomad City from your computer. We invite you to our website, Samana Virtual Experience, to experience the sounds and landscapes of the private city of the Samana Group.


If you are interested in an even more immersive experience, we warmly invite you to an amazing VR session of Nomad City in Warsaw, where a professional headset will be at your disposal, allowing for full immersion! We encourage you to book your preferred day and time on our website:


Nomad City: Masterplan and Sales

In the real world, even more is happening in Nomad City! We’ve updated the Masterplan of our private city, which now has 150 residential units, including 4 condo buildings and several dozen villas. At this point, Nomad City boasts 330 investors and over 40 future residents who have already purchased an apartment or villa. Importantly, Nomad City Condo 1 is 75% sold, meaning that the last few apartments are still available for purchase!

Progress on the Construction Site

Currently, almost the entire construction site of Nomad City Condo 1 looks as follows. Our main contractor, Lugo Constructora, is continuing the excavation for the foundations of the buildings. There’s also a first construction of the entrance gate, which you can see in the background of the panorama.

And HERE you can get a behind-the-scenes look at how our new spacious showroom is coming to life!

60 Million Congress

At the beginning of February, our CEO Marek Zmysłowski, PR Specialist Yaritza Reyes and Sales Manager Michał Ptasznik had the pleasure of attending the global gathering of the Polish community in Miami: the 60 Million Congress. How to summarize this event? 385 participants, 115 speakers and the one and only Lech Wałęsa! 🙂 Thank you very much for the invitation and all the great meetings.

Thank you for your continued interest in the activities of Samana Group. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate department – CLICK HERE. We are at your disposal!