Contours of Nomad City: a Construction Site Update

Contours of Nomad City: a Construction Site Update

View the 3D scans of the roads we have meticulously laid out across the entire Masterplan of Nomad City.

It’s bustling and industrious on the Nomad City construction site! The land is gradually taking on distinctive shapes under the watchful eye of experts from Lugo Constructora and under the power of heavy machinery.

Here are the works that currently capture the most attention of the architects and builders of Nomad City.


Intensive site preparation work is progressing at the Nomad City Condo 1 site. Lugo excavators are digging the foundation pit, a crucial stage in preparing the land for construction.

Geotechnical investigations

We are persistently conducting geotechnical investigations at the sites of other buildings envisioned in the Nomad City Masterplan. This essential phase ensures the stability and safety of the future infrastructure.

Road Infrastructure

However, the highlight is the completion of our road infrastructure layout! We have laid them out lengthwise and crosswise across the entire Nomad City masterplan, marking a milestone in the creation of our investment’s road infrastructure.

Below are the 3D scans of the site, revealing the emerging contours of the majestic Nomad City.


With full commitment and great optimism, we continue our work to complete the construction of Nomad City Condo 1 on schedule at the turn of December 2024 and January 2025.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and we promise regular updates directly from the construction site!