2023 Report: Sales, Fundraising, Construction

2023 Report: Sales, Fundraising, Construction

We’ve just completed a remarkable and highly dynamic year! Our projects have gained momentum, we have celebrated several landmark events, and we have received attention and recognition from the media and the public. We have prepared a concise summary of 2023 – a list that fills us with pride and allows us to look to the future with confidence!


In 2023, we successfully raised $4,675,000 from 292 investors! This achievement is due to three crowdfunding campaigns (on Emiteo and Crowder.pro), the closing of a late seed round towards the end of the year and, in particular, the popularity of convertible loans. Remarkably, 90% of investors are opting for an extension or conversion into shares or real estate.


We are very pleased with the success of our crowdfunding initiatives, the significant increase in the number of investors and the unwavering trust of our existing backers!


On the sales front, 21 apartments and 5 villas have already been pre-sold, totalling an impressive $4.9 million. In addition, towards the end of the year, our innovative sales tool, the Asset Swap, led to the initiation of 7 transactions for the exchange of assets worth $5 million. This brings the total sales initiated for the Samana Group in 2023 to $9.9 million!


This achievement is a testament to the titanic efforts of our sales department, which conducted 529 online presentations of our offerings and 86 on-site presentations in Samana over the course of 12 months.


The highlight of 2023 was undoubtedly the groundbreaking ceremony at the Nomad City site! Our general contractor has already completed the necessary roads for the first phase of the Masterplan and we are clearing the area for the car park, Condo 1 complex and the first six villas. We are also focusing on the installation of electrical systems, fencing and cameras to facilitate the storage of building materials.


Our ideas have attracted widespread interest and positive feedback, leading to the creation of a huge community around the Samana Group. Our videos have been viewed by 4 million people, 40,000 of whom have chosen to stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter (nearly 5,000 people) or by following our social media profiles on Linkedin, YouTube and Instagram (a total of around 35,000 people). Our sincere thanks go to each and every one of you; you make our daily efforts worthwhile!


The vision of building a private city, innovations in environmental protection, fundraising and sales have attracted the attention of numerous international media. Articles about Samana Group have appeared in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Wprost, LA Weekly, New York Weekly and Concierge Magazine. Our CEO, Marek Zmysłowski, even appeared on the morning show on Polish television!

Events and Awards

It’s difficult to list all the public appearances made by our representatives in Europe, the USA and the Dominican Republic, but it’s worth noting that this year we’ve had an event every two days for an entire month! We attended over 50 conferences and during our Polish tour we visited Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Szczecin, Koszalin, Łódź, Gdansk and Poznan. We have also had the honour of performing in Spain, Switzerland, Monaco, the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, New York and Miami.


We are proud of the awards we have received over the past year from experts in the fields of business, innovation and real estate. These include titles such as Foreign Investment of the Year and the Innovators Wprost statuette for the Smart City concept. Thank you very much!


The Samana Group family has grown with the addition of a number of outstanding professionals from a variety of backgrounds. From Piotr Baran, who joined us as a General Partner, to new Board Advisors Maria Kobryń and Ludwik Sobolewski, to our amazing team of architects, sales, marketing and new technology specialists. Welcome aboard and thank you for joining us!

Samana Group Foundation

We initiated the activities of our foundation with a special event on Three Kings Day, where we handed out traditional gifts to the children. Afterwards, we successfully launched an ongoing English language course for children. We also initiated our latest program to provide interest-free micro-loans to entrepreneurial women in Samana, enabling them to start their own businesses.

Thank you sincerely for being with us 2023! We hope to return with equal pride next year to publish a report that has grown in numbers and achievements.