January 2024 – Samana Group Investor Report

January 2024 - Samana Group Investor Report

The first month of the new year has come to an end. It was a busy time during which we visited several continents, made progress in construction and, most importantly, prepared new attractive investment opportunities for you! Welcome to the report on the most important events of January!

Developer Financing

We have introduced a new real estate purchase model for you – Developer Financing. This means that you only have to pay 50% of the price of your chosen property until you move in, and then we will spread the remaining amount over 60 monthly installments with a fixed annual interest rate of 12%. Learn more about this offer on our website.

Introducing CibukanREIT

In January, we have been working hard on a new investment opportunity that you will soon learn about. CibukanREIT will allow you to buy whole apartments or partial ownership in a modern condo hotel that will be commissioned by December 2024. You will learn more details soon…

Second Round of Crowder.PRO Interest

Yesterday we paid out the second round of interest to investors who participated in Nomad City’s first crowdlending campaign on the Crowder.pro platform. Another opportunity to invest through a short-term, high-interest loan will be available later this quarter, and we invite you to sign up for the Investor Alert on our crowdlending project page.

Preferential Terms for Convertible Loans

At the end of January, we launched a special preferential convertible loan offer. The terms included an 18% return, mortgage collateral, a one-year property price freeze, a low entry threshold and a special bonus. Thanks to this offer, we have already attracted more than 40 new investors as of today!

Progress on the Nomad City Construction Site

The Nomad City construction site is bustling with activity! Under the power of heavy machinery, excavations for foundations and road infrastructure are underway. We have completed the process of cutting roads throughout the master plan. This month we also conducted the second geotechnical survey. Check out the 3D scans of the road infrastructure in our BLOG.

Nest Seekers Summit Q1, New York

We had the honor of being the only real estate developer from the entire Dominican Republic to attend the Nest Seekers International Summit in New York! It was an incredibly inspiring event focused on real estate sales issues and a great opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with the top experts in the industry. Our CEO, Marek Zmysłowski, also had the opportunity to meet and speak personally with Nest Seekers’ CEO, Eddie Shapiro.

Fitur 2024, Madrid


Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean, our PR specialist, Yaritza Reyes, represented us at the Fitur International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid. How would we sum up this event? 8.5 thousand exhibitors, 136 thousand visitors, countless meetings with investors, politicians and tourism leaders, valuable contacts, insights and inspiration, and above all, the promotion of the vision of Samana Group!

Samana Group Foundation

This past month, the Samana Group Foundation’s programs have really taken off! Over 50 children and 20 adults from El Valle and Monte Rojo are regularly attending our free English classes for the Samana community. Meanwhile, we have already received 15 interesting applications for our interest-free loan program for Samana women entrepreneurs, and we are still recruiting! Read more about the program HERE. 

40 Thousand Followers on Instagram

A proof of the dynamic interest in the projects of the Samana Group is the significant increase in the number of followers of our Instagram profile. In December we celebrated breaking the 20 thousand barrier; today we have twice as many! We sincerely thank all our followers and invite others to follow our PROFILE, where new content is added daily.

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to the next report in a month’s time!