Stage II of the project Q3 2023

Invest starting from $125 in the construction of Nomad City in the Caribbean and earn 15% annually!


We invite you to invest in the most visionary project in the history of Polish crowdlending – the construction of a private city on a tropical island! The subject of the first community loan for this project is to support the construction of Nomad City, a luxury residential-coworking complex, which is being built on the Samana peninsula in the Dominican Republic. 29 apartments, recreational and commercial facilities, modern infrastructure in the spirit of sustainable development, and an endless lush nature surrounding future residents – this is the Nomad City project, which has already started!

The loan is covered by a triple security system: a personal guarantee from Mr. Marek Zmysłowski, President of the Management Board of Nomad City S.A. under Article 777 of the Civil Procedure Code; a registered pledge issued by Samana Group Poland Ltd. on shares belonging to SGP in Samana Nomad City S.A., along with a guarantee from SGP; a notarial promissory note issued by the borrower. The security is overseen by an independent security administrator, the law office of Attorney Łukasz Zalewski.

About the borrower

The borrower is Samana Group REH S.R.L., managed by Smana Group Holding, whose leader is Marek Zmysłowski, an entrepreneur, investor, expert in internet business and real estate. He is the co-founder of – a producer of dual-purpose solar roofs; Jumia Travel – the largest hotel booking portal in Africa; and Samana Group.

Samana Group, together with its founders and partners, is one of the largest developers and landowners on the Dominican peninsula of Samana. On over 4000 hectares of picturesque land, the company builds luxury villa estates, hotels, and apartments in full harmony with nature. There are already 6 boutique hotels and apartment buildings operating there.

Dominican Tree House Village
Opened in 2015, 22 rooms. All-inclusive, family-friendly.
One of the most renowned boutique hotels in the Caribbean.
El Valle Lodge
Opened in 2019. 10 rooms, currently being expanded to 18.
Targeted at luxury.
Hacienda Cocuyo
A unique place where friends and family can enjoy
exceptional peace and harmony. The fulfillment of a lifelong dream
and passion of Victor Esteve.

Marek Zmysłowski and the vision of Samana

The leader of the project is Marek Zmysłowski, a well-known entrepreneur and investor, author of the book ‘Chasing Black Unicorns’. Today, his biggest passion and life’s project is building a private city on the Samana peninsula.

The project focuses on addressing three common problems of investing in exotic locations: lack of spatial planning, low-quality infrastructure, and absence of lifestyle design. The uniqueness of Samana’s vision is a focus on luxury at an affordable price and sustainable development, ensuring an experience of living in an untouched natural environment without giving up modern conveniences.

Many investors have trusted Marek Zmysłowski’s vision, including: Artur Kurasiński, Anna Zielińska, Przemek Budnicki, Lukas S. Zgiep, Wojciech Jeznach, Jakub Karliński, Pointer.Capital.

Investors about us

“We decided to invest in Samana Group because we believe that the startup has a real chance to become the leader in the newly emerging sector of private cities,  a newly emerging asset class in the capital markets. The strength of Samana Group is the founders' experience and a carefully prepared execution plan."

Lukas S. Zgiep, Ph.D. General Partner, Pointer.Capital.

"1. Beautiful place 2. Unique vision design with respect for nature 3. Experience of the team"

Mateusz Sabak

"I invested in Samana Group because of the vision of building a unique enterprise on a global scale. I was captivated by the location - the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Samana, where I hope to buy or build a second (or third) house. I was convinced by the previous experience of Marek Zmysłowski and the scale of his former projects."

Jakub Karliński

“Samana Peninsula is one of my favorite places I've been to, it has great potential of becoming one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean with a fast-growing number of tourists every year. I believe and share the vision of Samana group of growing a proper sustainable development of the area.”

Ernesto Marenco

"First of all, for the love of the place. I found Samana 12 years ago when I was exploring the Dominican Republic. When I went to Las Terrenas for the first time, I think I even said aloud, "I'll live here someday" and you can see that the universe listened. Secondly, I believe in the idea of ​​private cities, and Marek and partners are a guarantee of business success."

Anna Zielińska

"I invested in Samana Group because I want to have my own place on earth somewhere in an exotic location knowing that it is part of a larger whole, perfectly managed."

Artur Kurasiński

"Samaná is the most beautiful bay I’ve ever seen. I believe in Samana Group’s mission to develop the bay as a thriving and sustainable community."

Alex Garibay

"By investing in sustainable development in the Caribbean, I can contribute to improving the quality of life for people living there. This can include supporting better access to healthcare, education, and other basic services, as well as creating opportunities for economic and social mobility, and ultimately, helping to promote a better standard of living for the communities in the region."

Freddy Arturo Ginebra

"For me, Samana Group is a combination of real estate, modern technologies (e.g. modular construction, blockchain) and people with great experience and vision. I believe that these things will be crucial to create the perfect place for many groups of people (including me) and that's why I decided to invest in Samana Group."

Arkadiusz Boruch

"Looking for opportunities to diversify my investments into foreign markets, I came across the Samana Group project which I found appealing in terms of its idea, innovation, location, and scope of operation. Despite the fact that investing in a seed round is quite risky, I decided to get in on it right away due to the greater chance of significant growth in a relatively short period of time. Nevertheless, knowing Marek Zmysłowski's previous achievements, there can be no doubt that this will be something spectacular and it will end in a business success."

Dariusz Mitka

"I love creating products and their vision. This time the vision of a Private City in the Caribbean absorbed me completely. Samana Group's projects are a true store of value in the best sense of the word."

Bartek Ćwiąkała

"I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do business with Marek Zmysłowski and Samana Group. You've inspired me to get back into the real estate market after many years of staying on the sidelines."

Wojciech Jeznach

"Knowing the history of Marek - the frontman of the project, makes me feel comfortable knowing he will deliver the promise. Additionally, as an unexperienced investor, I appreciate the flexibility of a convertible loan - the tool I was offered allows me to adjust my investment strategy while watching how the project develops."

Marcin Michalczyk

"Dominican Republic with one the fastest growing economy in Latin America, stable political situation and location close to US seems like the best option to diversify your portfolio. I've known Marek Zmysłowski and his companies for a few years now and I am sure he will deliver what he promised."

Mateusz Kaszyk

I want to invest

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    What amount do you plan to invest?


    Marek Zmysłowski

    Sales & Marketing Co-Founder of Jumia Travel (NYSE: JMIA),, Former Executive at Rocket Internet, RTB House, Glovo, OLX.

    Shannon Robertson

    Strategy & Corporate
    Managing Director of JLL LATAM for the last 22 years, responsible for the delivery of JLL’s transactional, project management, consultancy, and advisory services.

    Thomas Avogadro

    Local Relationships Entrepreneur, founder of DeMaria (precursor of Samana Group). Living in Samana since 2006, personally managing the land acquisition and property development of the Group.

    Is this loan safe?

    The loan for the construction of Nomad City is covered by an extensive security system: a personal guarantee from Mr. Marek Zmysłowski, the President of the Board of Nomad City S.A., according to Article 777 of the Civil Procedure Code; a registered pledge issued by Samana Group Poland Sp. z o.o. on the shares in Samana Nomad City S.A. owned by SGP, along with a guarantee from SGP; and a notary promissory note issued by the borrower.

    The security system is overseen by the reputable law firm of Łukasz Zalewski, which serves as the Security Administrator. The loan project for the construction of Nomad City received a positive assessment in the scoring system of, obtaining a very high AA rating.

    Nomad City is being built on a plot of land measuring 5000 m², valued at over 1.3 million, owned by the company, which provides significant security for the project. In total, the Samana Group owns 4000 hectares of land on the Samana peninsula and many operating facilities in the area.

    What is Nomad City?

    Nomad City is a harmonious combination of two worlds: pristine nature and modern conveniences for living, working, and investing.

    The apartment complex is being built according to the art of sustainable development and to the highest construction standards – from materials to tasteful finishes. Its facilities will include:

    • 29 apartments: 40-square meters, 60-square meters, and lofts
    • coworking space
    • swimming pool, gym, yoga studio
    • tennis court, basketball court
    • restaurants, cafe, rooftop bar
    • shops, laundry and cleaning service point
    • shared relaxation areas
    • parking

    This description emphasizes the holistic approach of Nomad City in merging the serenity of nature with the conveniences of modern urban life, making it a desirable location for both living and investment.

    What is a loan for Nomad City?
    We offer you the opportunity to invest in a peer-to-peer loan for the construction of the Nomad City residential and coworking complex on the Samana peninsula in the Dominican Republic. The investment involves granting an online loan for a period of 12 months to the entity Samana Group REH S.R.L. The loan will support the construction project, and after a period of 1 year, it will be returned.
    What are the terms of the loan?
    1. Minimum investment: 500 PLN
    2. Total value of loans: 300,000 PLN
    3. Interest rate: 15% per annum
    4. Loan period: 12 months
    5. Interest repayment: quarterly
    6. Collateral: personal guarantee of Mr. Marek Zmysłowski, CEO of Nomad City S.A.; registered pledge issued by Samana Group Poland Sp. z o.o. on shares belonging to SGP in Samana Nomad City S.A., along with a guarantee from SGP; notarial promissory note issued by the borrower.
    7. Additional protection of the Security Administrator: Łukasz Zalewski Law Firm.
    What is Nomad City?
    Nomad City is a residential and coworking complex, consisting of 31 apartments, parking, recreational and commercial areas. It is being built on a plot of land measuring 5000 m², valued at over 1.3 million PLN, which belongs to the company. This is part of a larger plan to develop 4000 hectares of land on the Samana peninsula, where the private city of Samana Group is ultimately to be established. More information about the entire project can be found on the website:
    In what stage is the construction of Nomad City?
    The construction of Nomad City is already underway: 2.5 km of key roads for construction works have been built, in-depth soil studies have been conducted, and the construction of 10 test apartments is entering its final phase. On the Samana Group's YouTube channel, you can follow regular video reports on the construction progress. Here is the latest video:
    How much do the apartments in Nomad City cost?
    The Nomad City complex will include 4 types of apartments ranging in size from 60 m² to 100 m². Their prices range from 150,000 to 350,000 USD.
    Is the loan for Nomad City safe?
    The loan is covered by a three-tier security system, overseen by the Łukasz Zalewski law firm, which acts as the Security Administrator. Additionally, the loan project for the construction of Nomad City has undergone a positive assessment in the scoring system, receiving the highest possible rating of A.

    The Samana Group REH S.r.l. is investing 23.1 million PLN in construction, of which only a small part will come from crowdfunding. According to financial forecasts, the apartments will be sold within a few months with a planned revenue of 32.1 million PLN.
    What will happen if the borrower does not repay the loan?
    Crowder.PRO works with the developer to ensure that each loan is repaid on time. We select for you those projects that are relatively the safest, and our three-tier security system was designed precisely for such a circumstance (more about the security system at Loans are always well secured - above the value of the investment - and in the event of a forced sale on the market, a price reduction ensures the recovery of the loan amount. Therefore, for each loan, a Security Administrator is appointed, who looks after the interests of the lenders and always acts on their behalf – in the event of non-repayment of the loan - even after extending the repayment deadline – the Security Administrator initiates security execution procedures. In the case of the loan for Nomad City, the Security Administrator is the reputable law firm of Łukasz Zalewski.
    Is the loan for Nomad City guaranteed?
    No, the repayment of the loan is not guaranteed either by the Crowder.PRO platform operator or by the Borrower. However, each loan is covered by a three-tier security system, consisting of several legal instruments. Additionally, Samana Group, along with its founders and partners, is one of the largest developers and landowners on the Dominican peninsula of Samana. The company owns 4000 hectares of land, building luxury villa estates, hotels, hostels, and apartments on them, of which 6 properties are already operational, which you can read about on the page:

    The plot itself allocated for the construction of Nomad City is 5000 m², worth over 1.3 million PLN, which is owned by the company, providing significant security for the investment.
    Who is the operator of the platform?
    The operator of the Crowder.PRO platform is Crowder SA, based in Białystok. The company is formed by a team with extensive experience and knowledge in financing real estate market projects (more about the team at You can learn more about the operator at
    When is the interest paid out?
    Interest on the loan for Nomad City is paid out quarterly in the fourth month from the date the loan is initiated to the bank account specified in the agreement. For this project, the payout dates will be: October 31, 2023, January 31, 2024, April 30, 2024, and July 31, 2024.
    Where can I sign up for such a loan?
    Just register on and set up an account. During registration, potential lenders will be asked to verify their identity. After successful verification, you can review the loan documentation and initiate the payment. The entire registration and investment process is 100% online and takes just a few minutes.
    What is the minimum investment amount?
    The minimum investment amount is 125 USD.
    What is the maximum investment amount?
    There are no restrictions regarding the maximum investment amount.
    How do I transfer funds for the loan?
    You can do it directly from your bank account to the given escrow account number managed by the platform operator.
    Where will the money from my loan go?
    The funds from the loan go to a designated escrow bank account held by the Platform Operator at NestBank SA. Once the appropriate security measures are established and approval is granted by the Security Administrator, the loan amounts are transferred to the Borrower's account.
    Where can I review the documentation and loan agreement?
    The entire documentation is available for registered users at You'll find not only the loan agreement and loan documentation but also the financial model and financial analysis of Samana Nomad City, confirming the project's profitability.