Złota 44, Samana INVESTCAMP and more!

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Private cities. A new trend or a temporary fashion?

On June 20th, 2023, experts from all over the world will join forces at Złota 44 in Warsaw, Poland to discuss the potential and implications of private cities, and how they might shape the future of urbanization. This event will bring together individuals from various disciplines – from urban planners and architects, to economists and sociologists – who will exchange ideas and perspectives on how private cities may affect the global landscape of cities.

The conference will also explore the ethical, legal, and practical implications of private cities, as well as the potential benefits and drawbacks that such projects may bring to local and global communities. The event is expected to be an exciting conversation.

If you want to join us, please write to this email: [email protected] and reserve your spot!

Samana INVESTCAMP 2023

Samana Group has become the title sponsor of INVESTCAMP 7.0, which will take place between the 23rd and 25th of June in Manchester. The event will feature Marek’s talk on private cities and key markers in business. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to get inspired and learn about investing, crypto, real estate and business.

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Meet our investors and partners!

“Samana, at first, was just a big question mark. I went out of curiosity and no clear idea what I was going to find. Then I fell in love with the landscape and the energy and vibe of the place and the expats that have made EL Valle and Samana their home. And confirming that Samana Group planned to turn the place into an eco friendly, conscious driven, paradise… I was 100% convinced I had to be part of it! “

Enrique Arce

Actor & Samana Group Partner

“I love creating products and creating their vision. This time the vision of a Private City in the Caribbean absorbed me completely. Samana Group’s projects are a true store of value in the best sense of the word.”

Bartłomiej Ćwiąkała

Co-founder & CEO @Agencja Wrocławska

“Samaná is the most beautiful bay I’ve ever seen. I believe in Samana Group’s mission to develop the bay as a thriving and sustainable community.”

Alex Garibay

Community Outreach and Education, Climate Equity & Mitigation, Sustainable Communities, Environmental Social Justice

If you want to join Samana Group  schedule a call with our Investor Relation Manager Michał Ptasznik.

Be a Part of Something Bigger - Invest Your Time

Samana Group volunteer program is growing. We love to see this ambicious and creative people fall in love with Samana and contribiute to Samana Group projects. Konrad and Krystian took adventage of our volunteer program and came to Samana to expirience life and work in paradise!

Do you want to be one of them? Check our webside and apply!

Keep On Top of Recent Events 

News From New York!

Attending the COMPASS event was a pleasure, and discover the growing Dominican Republic real estate market together. It was a fantastic opportunity to discuss our venture and meet some extraordinary people. Thanks to occasions like this we can really dive into the future of real estate!

The Women Investors Forum

We had a wonderful experience presenting a lecture on private cities to an audience that was very engaged and inquisitive. It was a great opportunity to share ideas and gain new acquaintances. We hope we will see some of the attendees in Samana!

If you want to see Samana for yourself book a trip and start your journey!

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