What’s new in 2023?

Dear Samana Group Family!

Greetings from the Dominican Republic!
We haven’t been around for a while because a lot has been happening here.

Today we have some incredible news for you.
And at the end… that will be revealed at the end…:)

We raised the first
10 million PLN

It’s official! We closed our first investment round with a sum of 10 million PLN to continue our phase 1 construction, launch sales in March (more details to come) and welcome our first residents at end of this year.

We are very excited because our project is leaving the paper stage and is coming to life. We share this joy with all current and future investors.

Thank you for being with us!


That’s breaking news! Pointer.Capital is an international group known for investing exclusively in the most spectacular fintech and web3 industry projects. They have already backed 6 unicorns. And now they are with us.
Why? Lukas S. Zgiep, General Partner Pointer.Capital, answers this question:

We decided to invest in Samana Group because we believe that the startup has a real chance to become a leader in the emerging private cities sector, which is a new class of assets. Samana Group’s strength lies in the founders’; experience and carefully prepared execution plan


Thank you for the kind words. We will do everything to become unicorn number seven.
See the startup’s eight-minute pitch to investors that convinced our investors

Samana Group continues to raise capital for the next stages of development through crowdfunding, among other means.