Invest in Samana Nomad City S.A. and become a part of the community that is shaping it.

What is Samana Nomad City S.A.?

We are creating a residential co-working complex located on the Samana Peninsula in the Caribbean Dominican Republic. Samana Nomad City offers not only apartments but also recreational and commercial spaces, such as bars and gyms.

Investing in Samana Nomad City aims to provide you with the opportunity to live and work in a tropical paradise for part of the year, while also enabling you to generate rental income from the apartment during the remaining time.

Invest in Samana Nomad City S.A. and enjoy the potential profits from renting and selling apartments, as well as remote work in the most eco-friendly co-working space in the Caribbean!

Samana Nomad City S.A. does not guarantee profits. Investing in Samana Nomad City S.A. involves risks. Before making any investment, please review the prospectus and the presented investment risks. 

Financial Estimation of the Holding

in 1 year
12,5%average annual
operating profit
prepared by


Gain by investing in Samana Nomad City S.A.!

For our future investors, we have prepared special bonuses that will provide you with unforgettable experiences.

from 250 USD

  • 10% discount on hotel stay
  • access to VIP investor group on Discord
  • discount on apartment purchase

from 2 500 USD

  • benefits from the previous tier
  • asistance with visa and residency formalities, concierge services
  • discount on apartment purchase

from 25 000 USD

  • benefits from the previous tier
  • a one-week visit to the Dominican Republic for 10 people (excluding travel costs)
  • discount on apartment purchase

from 125 000 USD

  • benefits from the previous tier
  • a week of all-inclusive stay in Samana
  • a full-day sailing excursion
  • dinner with Enrique Arce
  • discount on apartment purchase

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    Investors about us

    “We decided to invest in Samana Group because we believe that the startup has a real chance to become the leader in the newly emerging sector of private cities,  a newly emerging asset class in the capital markets. The strength of Samana Group is the founders' experience and a carefully prepared execution plan."

    Lukas S. Zgiep, Ph.D. General Partner, Pointer.Capital.

    "1. Beautiful place 2. Unique vision design with respect for nature 3. Experience of the team"

    Mateusz Sabak

    "I invested in Samana Group because of the vision of building a unique enterprise on a global scale. I was captivated by the location - the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Samana, where I hope to buy or build a second (or third) house. I was convinced by the previous experience of Marek Zmysłowski and the scale of his former projects."

    Jakub Karliński

    “Samana Peninsula is one of my favorite places I've been to, it has great potential of becoming one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean with a fast-growing number of tourists every year. I believe and share the vision of Samana group of growing a proper sustainable development of the area.”

    Ernesto Marenco

    "First of all, for the love of the place. I found Samana 12 years ago when I was exploring the Dominican Republic. When I went to Las Terrenas for the first time, I think I even said aloud, "I'll live here someday" and you can see that the universe listened. Secondly, I believe in the idea of ​​private cities, and Marek and partners are a guarantee of business success."

    Anna Zielińska

    "I invested in Samana Group because I want to have my own place on earth somewhere in an exotic location knowing that it is part of a larger whole, perfectly managed."

    Artur Kurasiński

    "Samaná is the most beautiful bay I’ve ever seen. I believe in Samana Group’s mission to develop the bay as a thriving and sustainable community."

    Alex Garibay

    "By investing in sustainable development in the Caribbean, I can contribute to improving the quality of life for people living there. This can include supporting better access to healthcare, education, and other basic services, as well as creating opportunities for economic and social mobility, and ultimately, helping to promote a better standard of living for the communities in the region."

    Freddy Arturo Ginebra

    "For me, Samana Group is a combination of real estate, modern technologies (e.g. modular construction, blockchain) and people with great experience and vision. I believe that these things will be crucial to create the perfect place for many groups of people (including me) and that's why I decided to invest in Samana Group."

    Arkadiusz Boruch

    "Looking for opportunities to diversify my investments into foreign markets, I came across the Samana Group project which I found appealing in terms of its idea, innovation, location, and scope of operation. Despite the fact that investing in a seed round is quite risky, I decided to get in on it right away due to the greater chance of significant growth in a relatively short period of time. Nevertheless, knowing Marek Zmysłowski's previous achievements, there can be no doubt that this will be something spectacular and it will end in a business success."

    Dariusz Mitka

    "I love creating products and their vision. This time the vision of a Private City in the Caribbean absorbed me completely. Samana Group's projects are a true store of value in the best sense of the word."

    Bartek Ćwiąkała

    "I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do business with Marek Zmysłowski and Samana Group. You've inspired me to get back into the real estate market after many years of staying on the sidelines."

    Wojciech Jeznach

    "Knowing the history of Marek - the frontman of the project, makes me feel comfortable knowing he will deliver the promise. Additionally, as an unexperienced investor, I appreciate the flexibility of a convertible loan - the tool I was offered allows me to adjust my investment strategy while watching how the project develops."

    Marcin Michalczyk

    "Dominican Republic with one the fastest growing economy in Latin America, stable political situation and location close to US seems like the best option to diversify your portfolio. I've known Marek Zmysłowski and his companies for a few years now and I am sure he will deliver what he promised."

    Mateusz Kaszyk

    Samana Group Holding in mass media

    Welcome to the Caribbean, more precisely the Samana Peninsula in the Dominican Republic, where a tropical paradise awaits you just a short distance from the new airport.

    With the support of our investors, we plan to build infrastructure and new hotels and apartments designed for clients who value remote work with access to high-speed internet (thanks to Starlink), electric vehicles, up to 70% lower electricity bills (thanks to SunRoof technology), as well as access to fitness centers and sports activities (such as yoga, kettlebells, and surfing).

    By investing in the Nomad City project, you can become a part of our community with access to special services and the VIP Samana Nomad City community on Discord.

    A webinar with the project's creator

    Marek Zmysłowski and his team answered your questions.


    Any additional questions?

    Schedule a 15-minute conversation with the founder, Marek Zmysłowski.


    What does the investment involve?

    Samana Nomad City S.A. does not guarantee profits for the company. Payment of dividends to shareholders requires the company to show a profit in a verified and approved financial statement and the adoption of a resolution by the general meeting regarding the distribution of profits and dividend payment. Investing in Samana Nomad City S.A. involves risks. Before making any investment, please review the offering memorandum and the indicated investment risks,

    By buying Samana Nomad City S. A.
    you gain a share
    in the Samana Nomad City S.A. profits
    the possibility to use facilities of Samana Group Holding
    on preferential terms
    Additionally, when purchasing an apartment:
    potential for higher profit
    from apartment rental
    100% investment
    as a discount on apartment purchase

    By investing in Samana Nomad City S.A., you participate in the potential profits of the company from all sources of income:

    apartment sales
    rental and operation of commercial facilities (restaurant, shops, café)
    rental fees and apartment leasing services

    The capital structure of Samana Group Holding is as follows:

    By participating in the stock issuance, you become a shareholder of Samana Nomad City S.A.
    Samana Nomad City S.A.
    Samana Group Poland sp. z o. o. is the majority shareholder of Samana Nomad City.
    Samana Group Poland sp. z o. o.
    Samana Group Poland sp. z o. o. is the majority partner, and its majority partner is Samana Group REH S.R.L., based in the Dominican Republic.
    Samana Group REH S.R.L.

    What about an apartment as a bonus?

    As a shareholder, you can also purchase an apartment with a discount up to the amount of your investment in shares, up to a maximum of $53,500 USD.

    As a co-owner and apartment owner, you benefit from lower costs associated with rental management.

    You don’t have to worry about managing reservations or maintaining the cleanliness of the apartment – it’s all part of our company’s operations.

    Our business model

    The initial investment of the company:

    5,7 mln USD the cost of construction and equipping Samana Nomad City
    5,7 mln USD the projected revenue from apartment sales

    Samana Nomad City S.A. will invest 5,7 mln USD in Samana Nomad City, with up to 1.1 mln coming from the issuance of shares through investment crowdfunding.

    Within several months, apartments will be sold to shareholders and third parties. The projected revenue from these sales is expected to be over 8 mln USD. A portion of the forecasted profit from the apartment sales will be distributed to shareholders in the form of dividends.

    In the following years, the company plans to generate revenue from apartment rental management and rental and operation of commercial facilities.

    The forecasts for the company’s annual revenue:

    870 000 USD
    rental fees and apartment leasing services.
    225 000 USD
    rental and operation of commercial facilities (restaurant, shops, café).

    A place you want to come back to

    There are places that stir our imagination and heart, places we yearn to return to. For those born in Poland, living in Europe offers opportunities for fulfilling dreams and building foundations. Exploring Africa presents a chance to be captivated by its vast social potential. Meanwhile, the Caribbean exudes the magic of balanced living in paradise, inspiring visionaries.

    It has been five years since my first stay in the Dominican Republic. Over time, I returned more frequently, and two years ago, Samana, a peninsula located in the eastern part of the island, became my home. Now, I want to share the view from my office window, the quality of life, and the opportunity for an attractive investment.

    Marek Zmyslowski
    CEO Samana Nomad City S.A.

    Customers of Samana Group Holding love this place!

    For over 15 years, the founders and partners of Samana Group have been developing the project, acquiring lands, creating urban plans, and obtaining construction permits. As proof of the concept’s validity, the founders of Samana Group have already built and opened six boutique hotels and apartment complexes in the region.

    The hotels and recreational facilities mentioned below are not operated by Samana Nomad City S.A., but by Samana Group REH S.R.L. (which indirectly holds the majority of shares in Samana Nomad City S.A. – see the capital structure of the entire Samana Group below) or entities affiliated with this company. However, the company is publishing this information to demonstrate the prior experience of individuals associated with Samana Nomad City S.A. in the activities that the company aims to pursue.

    El Valle Lodge

    The facility, opened in 2019, offers 10 high-standard cottages, and expansion plans are underway to increase the number to 18 cottages soon.

    Unique Exotic Hotel

    This property, designed for couples, combines comfort with a local atmosphere. Currently, it offers 10 rooms, and after renovation, it will expand to accommodate 30 rooms.

    Dominican Tree House Village

    Located amidst lush greenery, the “village among the trees” offers 22 cottages of various sizes, suitable for both couples and families.

    The Samana Group is one of the largest developers and landowners in the Dominican Samana Peninsula

    The company manages over 4,000 ha (40 square km, 10,000 acres) of land, building residential estates of luxury villas, hotels, hostels and apartments. The founders and partners of the Samana Group have been developing the project for more than 15 years, collecting land, creating interior plans, and obtaining building permits.

    The founders of the Samana Group, as a proof of concept, have already built and opened 6 boutique hotels and a complex of apartments in the region.

    Hacienda Cocuyo
    Ganesh Hostel
    El Valle Lodge


    Traktor Arquitectura is the architectural studio responsible for Samana Nomad City. Since 2014, they have been shaping the landscape of popular destinations in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Their numerous projects, including luxury hotels, villas, residences, commercial spaces, and meeting places, have been realized in places like Tulum, Cancun, Puerto Aventuras, Holbox Island, and El Valle. The standard of quality upheld by these talented architects is characterized by a commitment to environmental preservation, use of local materials, and a bold approach that goes beyond conventions.

    The groundbreaking technologies Qmodular and SunRoof

    Samana Nomad City will be built using modern technologies. To achieve maximum quality and durability while reducing the total construction time by almost half, we have partnered with Qmodular, a company experienced in creating prefabricated modular buildings. With Qmodular, the building will be much more resistant to cracking and adapted to seismic waves compared to traditional houses. The independent, interconnected modular structures act as safety capsules in the event of seismic activity. All steel elements are thickened and painted with ship-grade coatings. Window joints undergo similar testing as ships to ensure protection during heavy rains or strong winds.

    Additionally, thanks to the SunRoof solar roofs and facades, Samana Nomad City will be self-sufficient in terms of electricity, reducing energy bills by up to 70%.

    Completed apartments can be viewed in both the Dominican Republic and Krakow. Furnished apartments will be available for interested parties at the Samana Group showroom located near the highway in Krakow.

    Travel around in a smart way

    Becoming the resident of Samana Nomad City means you can co-share the electric vehicles. Using a dedicated app you can book electric scooters and motorcycles from Cake or a Rivian truck. Thank so this, getting around the peninsula will be more convenient, ecological and smarter.

    Why Samana?

    Samana has everything that allows you to fulfill your dreams of a happy life.

    The most diverse region in terms of nature in the entire Dominican Republic
    A new airport with an increasing number of connections
    Peace of mind and security
    Sandy beaches and national parks in the close vicinity
    Completely renovated infrastructure (roads, water infrastructure)
    Fiber optic internet
    Sports center at your disposal
    Lots of leisure activities
    The most European Dominican region

    On one hand, all it takes is a deep breath to enjoy the abundance of nature: natural beaches, spectacular coastline, winding scenic roads, and exotic wildlife.

    On the other hand, Samana is like a European city in a tropical paradise, with vibrant nightlife, well-developed infrastructure, and high-quality healthcare, providing a sense of security.

    Its residents create a unique atmosphere with their hospitality, traditions, culture, and art.

    Why Dominican Republic?

    The most developed economy and infrastructure in Caribbean
    A place that is a second home for many actors, politicians and other famous and well-known people
    A safe haven - no hostile neighbours or illegal immigration
    The most popular of the Caribbean islands

    Who we are?

    Our Management

    Marek Zmysłowski
    Sales & Marketing
    Co-founder of Jumia Travel (NYSE: JMIA),, Former director at Rocket Internet, RTB House, Glovo, OLX.
    Krzysztof Kochanowski
    Legal Advisor
    Has been working with business clients since his studies. Specializes in servicing entrepreneurs mainly in the field of new technologies and e-commerce.

    Supervisory Board

    Mateusz Sabak
    Partner and Short-Term Rental Expert
    Co-founder and CEO of RentPlanet - a leading Polish short-term rental operator. Former IR Manager at MCI Capital, a leading Polish PE fund. Entrepreneur and proptech enthusiast.
    Kuba Karliński
    Consultant and Expert in Construction and Real Estate Sales
    Managing Partner at Magmillon - a Polish investment group specializing in fast-growing, non-speculative real estate projects. Author of the book "Let's Make Money on Real Estate."
    Radosław Cielicki
    Consultant and Finance Management Expert
    Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience as CFO, built and sold his accounting office to a leading Polish bank.

    Our Advisors

    Shannon Robertson
    Strategy / Investor
    For the last 22 years, he has been the Managing Director of JLL LATAM, responsible for providing transactional services, project management, consulting, and JLL advisory.
    Thomas Avogadro
    Real Estate Development
    Entrepreneur, founder of DeMaria (precursor of Samana Group). Living in Samana since 2006, personally managing the acquisition of land and real estate development of the Group.
    Piotr Baran
    Real Estate Development & Financing
    Co-founder and CEO of PCG SA, Member of the Management Board of the Polish Association of Developer Companies -, Triathlete in sports and business -
    Bruce Prins
    Advisor, International Hospitality Expert
    For most of his 20 years of experience, he worked in the hotel industry and hotel chains such as Accor and MP Hotels. Member of MENSA, author of the book "Insights and Tips for Owning or Managing a Hotel."
    Victor Esteve Cavaller
    Advisor, Hospitality Industry Expert in the Dominican Republic
    Owner of Hacienda Cocuyo, one of the highest-rated hotels by guests on the entire Samana peninsula.
    Federico Jose Alvarez
    Advisor, Real Estate Law Expert in the Dominican Republic
    Member of the American Bar Association, Managing Partner of one of the oldest law firms in the Dominican Republic, founded in 1915 by his grandfather.
    Freddy Ginebra
    Advisor, Business Expert in the Dominican Republic
    Founder of Cumbre Saatchi, one of the largest marketing agencies in the Dominican Republic (Sold to Saatchi & Saatchi). Lecturer at UNIBE University in the Dominican Republic, founder of TEDx Santo Domingo.
    Ludwik Sobolewski
    Doctor of Legal Sciences and capital market expert. Former president of the Warsaw and Bucharest Stock Exchanges. Chairman of the board of directors of Posta Romana. Co-founder of the market advisory firm, QualiaAdVisory. Currently a partner at Sobolewski Kielska Dąbrowska Grabowska law firm.
    Enrique Arce
    Partner, Communications Advisor
    International television personality, actor, director, writer, entrepreneur. Best known for his role as Arturo Román in Money Heist and numerous roles in TV and film productions. Graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and today has numerous projects under his belt.
    Borys Szyc
    Partner, Communications Advisor
    Film and theater actor, singer, lecturer. He began his acting adventure at the age of 9. Currently a successful entrepreneur and founder of TheMuba - an innovative project bringing theater to the Internet.
    Sybilla Mielzynski
    Partner, Communications Advisor
    World-renowned designer from NY, from a Spanish-Polish family of diplomats. She collaborated with Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton.
    Dariusz Dreżewski
    Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the real estate industry in Europe and Asia.