Invest now and receive a voucher for a one-week stay in paradise!

Invest in the Samana Group Holding, become our shareholder, and profit from the development of the entire Samana Peninsula over the years.

Enjoy a guaranteed minimum IRR, a secured exit, and discounts on property purchases.

Not sure yet whether you want to invest in the Samana Group shares or just buy a property? A convertible note is the best investment method for you!

It gives you full flexibility to choose stocks or real estate at a later date while allowing you to profit now and not miss out on opportunities.

Early investors reap the best benefits.

  1. Invest a minimum of $25,000 by the end of March
  2. Receive a voucher for a one-week stay at one of our amazing partner hotels, including a zipline ride among magnificent wildlife and an unforgettable sailing boat trip in search of whales and dolphins!

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in a project with the growth potential of a unicorn start-up with the security of a real estate project.  

Your Profit in 12 months:

  • Return of cash with an interest rate of 15% – or extension until next year
  • Conversion to shares in the next round in December 2023 – with a 20% bonus – a $100,000 ticket becomes a $120,000 ticket in this round- conversion to shares available for tickets worth at least $100,000
  • Conversion to an apartment/home with a 25% bonus – a $100,000 ticket becomes a $125,000 ticket to use to purchase a property from our listings
  • Conversion to land with a 50% bonus – a $100,000 ticket becomes a $150,000 ticket to use to purchase real estate from our offering

How to receive a voucher?

 Just simple 5 steps:

  • Schedule an online appointment or a personal on-site presentation in Samana

  • Invest a minimum of $25,000 by the end of March

  • Get a VIP voucher – a one-week stay in one of our hotels

  • Become our investor and enjoy a week’s stay in the Dominican Republic!

  • Get a taste of life in a paradise

Experience the beauty of the Dominican Republic with Samana Group.

We look forward to welcoming you!