Microloans Program for Women Entrepreneurs!

We Have Launched Interest-free Microloans Program for Women Entrepreneurs!

Great news from the Samana Group Foundation! We have just launched a new support program for entrepreneurial women who want to start their own business in the Samana region.

We believe in corporate social responsibility, which is why we have established a foundation whose mission is to support the local community of Samana through education and financing entrepreneurship. Now we are very proud to launch a new, fully operational program to empower Samana’s women entrepreneurs! 

0% Microloans for Women Entrepreneurs

All women who want to start or expand their business in Samana can receive an interest-free loan with very flexible repayment terms. In addition, we will support new businesses with comprehensive assistance from the Samana Group structures, including marketing support. We will also share access to our customer base, because the success of local entrepreneurs is the common good of the entire Samana community!

Social impact

We chose this program because we believe that women’s entrepreneurship is the key to addressing many social problems. This is proven by many studies and examples around the world. These are some of the major benefits of encouraging women-led businesses.

Reducing Dysfunctional Families
Women’s financial independence plays a critical role in reducing dysfunctional families by preventing financial abuse as a tool of power and control within relationships and families.

Breaking the Poverty Cycle
Research shows that one of the most important strategies for reducing household and community poverty is to increase women’s access to income-generating activities that empower them economically.

Investing in the Community
Successful women entrepreneurs are more likely to invest back into their families and community. Their businesses are also more inclined to focus on providing essential services and opportunities to the communities they operate in.

Closing the Gender Gap
Data show that women-led companies employ more women, accelerating the process of closing the gender gap. This pattern holds across businesses in different economic sectors.

Improving Environmental Outcome
Women-owned businesses consistently score higher on environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators. They tend to prioritize greener and more sustainable solutions.

Choosing Social Impact Over Money
Recent studies highlight that women entrepreneurs are more likely to operate with a sense of social mission, choosing social impact over mere financial gain.

We invite you to find out more about our programme, how it works and what motivates us. Visit the Microloans website to read all about it.