New Board Advisors

Ludwik Sobolewski and Maria Kobryń Join Samana Group as Board Advisors

Prominent law and investment market experts support our project to build a private city in Samaná! Ludwik Sobolewski and Maria Kobryń have joined the team of Board Advisors at Samana Group.


Our international team of Board Advisors has just gained invaluable legal expertise. Ludwik Sobolewski and Maria Kobryń have come on board!


Ludwik Sobolewski holds a doctorate in law and is a legal advisor known for his expertise in capital markets. In 2006 and 2010, he won the competition for the position of President of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), serving in this capacity until 2013. In subsequent years, he held the same position at the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), followed by the chairmanship of the Board of Directors of Posta Romana, the national postal operator in Romania. Currently, Ludwik Sobolewski is the Managing Partner at a law firm in Warsaw and sits on the supervisory boards of a number of companies. He is also an advisor to, a crowdlending platform with which we collaborate.


Samana Group has an ambitious plan to create the first private city listed on the stock exchange. Ludwik Sobolewski’s experience in leading not one, but two stock exchanges, his excellent understanding of alternative financing mechanisms, as well as his international exposure and passion for travel, are invaluable to us – comments our CEO, Marek Zmysłowski.

As a Board Advisor, we will also benefit from the support of Maria Kobryń, an expert in real estate, construction, and contract law, and the Managing Partner at Blueshell Legal. She is regarded as the foremost specialist in Poland when it comes to legal operations related to the purchase of foreign real estate. Maria Kobryń boasts dozens of publications and articles on real estate issues, including the outstanding e-book Business, Dominican Republic, Real Estate. In our view, it is the best and most comprehensive guide on purchasing real estate, investing, and conducting business in the Dominican Republic. Some time ago, we had the pleasure of hosting Maria Kobryń in Samaná and introducing her to our investments. Thanks to her expertise and knowledge of our company, Maria Kobryń is the perfect advisor and a great asset in the realm of legal operations.

We welcome our new Board Advisors to the Samana Group; it is an honor for us to work with such outstanding professionals!