Recap of 2022

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Dear Samana Group family

The year 2022 was extremely important in our journey. After we had started in stealth mode a few years back, we were finally able to tell the world about our vision, so we could find like-minded people to support it. We have grown as an organization, and we started our first projects. I’m proud to share this year’s highlights, including two videos, and invite you to participate in the adventure in 2023 and share the details of how you can invest and partner with us.

Marek Zmysłowski
Fouding Partner

2022 Highlights

On top of private capital from the founders, we raised $2m in a Seed Round from a group of friendly, highly successful global entrepreneurs and investors, as well as one international VC investing in private cities around the world. The financing allows us to continue working on the details of the Master Plan for El Valle and Monte Rojo, build infrastructure, start the construction of the first projects and launch sales of our amazing real estate offerings. New residents of the El Valle and Monte Rojo communities can choose from various ocean view and bay view plots, high-quality, prefabricated modular flats and houses, and custom locally built luxury villas.

The round was a bumpy ride. We started raising exactly one week before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we had to pause for 6 months because we were busy helping the refugees via our Maya Foundation, and also, our investors had other priorities. It’s not easy to make a decision about where to put your money if you don’t know what the future of your home (in that case Europe) holds. I was always reminding myself of the first Seed Round of Amazon. He describes it beautifully in this video. The riskiest moment is behind us too 🙂


In 2023 we plan to raise a minimum of $10m using innovative forms of financing, such as convertible notes and crowdfunding. Details of each initiative will be released in the following months. By the end of 2024, we plan to have deployed a total of $100m into the whole project, which will also be done by launching a Fideicumiso (Real Estate Trust issuing bonds). That amount allows us to deliver on the promise of building a luxury lifestyle in harmony with nature, supported by high-class infrastructure, and comfortably connected with the rest of the world. This will allow the residents to enjoy a fantastic life and the investors to benefit from exceptional returns on investment from the increase in the current holding valuation.

Samana Group secured the purchase of the “El Valle Vistas” mountain, the only mountain in El Valle with an ocean view designed for residential living. This will be the Group’s first community on the oceanside (opposite the Nomad City project, located on the Samana bayside). These two communities will grow and, in years to come, become a part of a bigger, luxury eco-town. We continue the construction of the roads within the community. The sales of the first 60 subdivided plots and houses start by the end of January. First Villas will be ready already in June 2023.

We have also made significant progress in the Monte Rojo community, which includes the Luxury Villas and the Nomad City projects. The additional road construction starts in February 2023. The Nomad City project is planned to be ready to move in Q4 2023. Detailed offers will be available by the end of January on our website. The first apartments and villas in the community will be ready in June 2023.

Our team has grown by 12 members in the accounting, sales, engineering, and project management departments. Our engineering team has experience in building big-scale residential projects, roads, bridges, water treatment plants, water dams, and even subway stations and nuclear power plants. I don’t think we will be building the last two though 🙂

We have also been working on a few smaller projects that complement our plans, which will be communicated in detail in the first quarter of 2023.

  • Local Community Center by Samana Foundation
  • Commercial Mini Center El Valle
  • Affordable Housing Project for Staff Beach
  • Bar and Beachfront Eco Resort

El Valle, Monte Rojo, Los Haitises National Park – we went everywhere with our drones and cameras, so now you can enjoy the ride



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