Radiological Town in the Nomad City

In cooperation with the Diagnostyka Group, we are developing an extraordinary pro-employee project, innovative in scale for the entire medical industry! In the heart of Nomad City, the Radiological Town will be built, equipped with everything necessary for the remote work of radiologists.

Diagnostyka Group is one of the largest companies in the Polish medical industry, employing nearly 9,000 people and generating annual revenues of nearly PLN 2 billion. It is the undisputed leader in laboratory and genetic diagnostics, and in 2023 it expanded its activities to include imaging diagnostics. However, the radiology sector in Poland has been facing a severe shortage of staff for many years. Companies are competing for radiologists, who often work multiple jobs that can reach 200 or even 300 hours per month, impacting both their professional and personal lives. To enter this challenging market, the Diagnostyka Group has developed an innovative employee-oriented policy, the key element of which is the Radiological Town in Samana.

Radiological Town

In cooperation with Diagnostyka Group, we are creating a special zone within the borders of Nomad City, which we have named Radiological Town. It will include a number of villas and a coworking-training center equipped with radiology workstations and licenses necessary for the work of a radiologist. Within the Radiological Town, trainings, workshops and various integrative activities for the radiological community will be organized. It will also become a natural platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge, so important for the development of the industry. Employees of the Diagnostyka Group will be able to purchase or rent their own villa, paying for it with radiological reports performed on site. Thanks to this, radiologists have the opportunity to combine leisure in a paradisiacal environment with comfortable remote work, at no cost.

Work-life balance in a tropical paradise

The idea of the Radiological Town is not only to encourage specialists to cooperate with the Diagnostyka Group, but also to consolidate the radiological community and promote a more harmonious work-life style. The Nomad City is the perfect place to find the right balance, thanks to a rich recreational and sports offer, as well as longevity infrastructure. Spa, yoga studio, gym, sports center, endless trekking and biking trails, restaurants and cafes, and above all, the surrounding lush nature and blissful landscape of Samana. All of this promotes the harmony between work and private life that is so difficult to achieve in the modern world.

The Radiological Town project is a great example of the tremendous potential of the Nomad City as a place for the development of innovative initiatives. In our private city, diverse communities can find a peaceful place to work and relax. The modern urban infrastructure of Nomad City can be adapted to specific professional needs, transforming the working landscape: tropical forests and sandy beaches instead of concrete jungle and city noise.