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    Monte Rojo Lux. Villas

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      Discover Monte Rojo Luxury Villas

      The good life comes from the feeling of pride when somebody we respect praises the work we do. The feeling of love when someone we adore cooks delicious food for us. The feeling of bliss when we can – but don’t have to – catch that next big fish and grow in what we are the best at. 

      Monte Rojo Luxury Villas are built for people who want to indulge in bliss and share it with their closest ones. 

      Monte Rojo Vibe

      Monte Rojo is located in a lush area of the Samana Peninsula, 3 hour drive from Santo Domingo. The tallest elevation allows for a magnificent view over the valley leading to the Samana Bay. It is where you can privately spend time in an infinite pool, have a meal from a members-only fine dining restaurant under the shade of a palm tree or invite friends and make them feel comfortable enjoying the luxuries of the paradise lifestyle. High expectations are welcomed.

      Core Values

      • Jewel of the crown of the Samana Group Master Plan to date
      • VIP level of experience 

      • The most iconic design, premium materials

      • Each villa is securely guarded for the highest level of privacy

      • The most astonishing view in the whole area

      Why Monte Rojo Luxury Villas?

      • Closed community of 20 homes
      • Sizes: from 250 to 400 square meters
      • Available apartments with 2 or 3 floors
      • Infinity pool and million dollar view of the bay
      • Balconies and social areas integrated into nature
      • Views of each villa don’t interfere with each other 
      • Membership to the gym and spa
      • Membership to the restaurant
      • Fiber optic data network for high-speed internet
      • Concierge, security at the gate

      Travel around in a smart way

      Becoming the resident of Monte Rojo Luxury Villas means you can co-share the electric vehicles. Using a dedicated app you can book electric scooters and motorcycles from Cake or a Rivian truck. Thank so this, getting around the peninsula will be more convenient, ecological and smarter.

      Architectural facts

      Jasper Architects is an award-winning international architecture group focused on LATAM & Europe.
      Experts in sustainable housing and hospitality developments.

      Experienced in running projects in the Samana area, among funding members of the Samana Group.

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      We manage your property on your behalf and broker your potential future exit deal

      • Whether you want to live here, rent the place out or sell we make it happen for you
      • We will make it easy to get there and live there


      • Prices start from $500,000 for a 250 square meters apartment
      • We accept Bitcoin
      • Completion date: 2023/2024