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    El Valle Views

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      Discover El Valle Views

      As you enter El Valle, you will see a valley surrounded by mountains. From the hills, above the canopy of dense forest, you can see the ocean at the mouth of the valley.

      If you paddle downstream from one of the many mountain tributaries, you’ll eventually emerge into a pristine bay where the sun, waves and wind combine over the white sandy beaches and coconut trees.

      Tucked away in this tropical paradise, you are surrounded by protected national parks.

      Make no mistake – El Valle is not your typical tropical resort community. It’s part of something much bigger. El Valle is a flagship community for a sustainable future.

      El Valle vibe

      How does it feel when you close your eyes and imagine such a place? Combine it with thriving businesses selling local goods, a farmers market with organic food, boutique hotels with cozy bars, lively restaurants and luxury villas with infinity pools. Now open your eyes.

      Would you see a place for yourself in such a scenery?

      Why El Valle Views?

      • One of a kind plot in terms of size and location
      • Strategically located between 2 of El Valle’s most popular hotels – Dominican Tree House Village and Unique Exotic Hotel
      • It offers both ocean and valley views

      Land for sale

      The Dominican Republic is the top Caribbean country for vacation tourism, a retirement destination, and a favorite place to work for expats. The geopolitical need for a safe place to live away from crises is drawing more people to Samana than ever before.

      In recent months, the El Valle region has seen a large increase in demand. People are looking for plots with beautiful views. Demand has now outstripped the supply of available land for sale in most locations across the country, but we are open to working with partners who understand our Master Plan and share our ecological and community values.

      Let us design your dream home

      For people who do not have their own house design, we offer the opportunity to cooperate with our architects. You decide every aspect, and we build your future in the Dominican Republic. We cooperate with Jasper Architects – an award-winning international architectural group, experts in sustainable residential and hotel investments, and Tractor Arquitectura – a renowned architectural studio from Tulum, specializing in sustainable projects.


      • Price: from $50,000
      • Over 500 plots ranging from 500 to 10,000 square meters
      • We accept Bitcoins