Introducing Constructora Lugo

Introducing Constructora Lugo – the General Contractor for Nomad City

The General Contractor responsible for the construction of Nomad City is already setting up tools, machinery and mobile offices on the site. So it’s the perfect time to introduce you to Lugo, the construction company that will bring Nomad City to life!

Constructora Lugo is one of the oldest and most renowned construction and engineering companies in the Dominican Republic, operating continuously since 1984. With nearly 40 years of experience, they offer a full range of engineering, architectural and consulting services. The company has also completed numerous projects in the public sector to the strictest standards of quality and safety, confirming Lugo’s highest level of service.


Lugo’s extensive portfolio covers almost every type of investment, from countless luxury villas and apartment buildings throughout the Dominican Republic (including Punta Cana) to major public projects such as highways, bridges and metro stations. Anyone who has visited the Dominican Republic has probably set foot in the famous Plaza Espana, right in the heart of Santo Domingo’s iconic colonial district. The reconstruction of this beautiful square was carried out by Constructora Lugo!

Lugo guarantees the highest quality of workmanship, backed by decades of practice, a large team of experienced specialists in all areas of architecture and construction, and a powerful fleet of heavy, medium and manual equipment that can tackle any rock in Samana! Thanks to this, we are confident that our vision for Nomad City will be realized in a professional, reliable and goal-oriented manner.