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Invest in Samana Group

Benefit from the best of both Worlds: the growth potential of a unicorn startup and the security of a real estate project.

Besides a classic real estate purchase, you can also invest in the Samana Group Company, become our shareholder, and profit from the development of the whole Samana Peninsula over the years. Enjoy a guaranteed minimal IRR, a secured exit, and discounts when purchasing Real Estate from Samana Group.

Don’t know yet whether you want to invest in Samana Group shares or simply buy Real Estate?

A convertible Note is the best investment method for you!

It gives you full flexibility to choose shares or Real Estate later while already benefiting from the returns and not missing the opportunity. Early investors reap the biggest benefits.

Convertible Note Offer:

1. Minimum investment ticket: $50k

2. Securities: Land assets of Samana Group

3. Time: 12 months, after which the investor has the following option:

• cash return with a 15 % interest rate (or extension to next year)
• conversion to shares at the next round happening in Dec 2023 – with a bonus of 20% (a $100k ticket becomes a $120k ticket in the round)
• conversion to flat/house at 25% bonus (a $100k ticket becomes $125k to be used to get real estate from our offer)
• conversion to land at 100% bonus (a $100k ticket becomes $200k to be used to get real estate from our offer)

For tickets larger than $1m, we invite you to discuss the possibility of a dedicated JV (an SPV that would become a part of the Samana Group Holding) for a dedicated project within our Masterplan.

Are you interested and want to discuss details? Schedule a call with Marek Zmysłowski using the following link: or send an email at